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    I am an LPN and I recently went to a DiVita open house. I have never worked in dialysis before but thought it might be a less stressful place to work. We were told that the patient/nurse or patient/tech ratio was 3-1. Were they just lying to us? We were also told that there was alot of down time and during that time we could do any of our continued education. The one thing that surprised me was the 13 hr days. I'd have to get up at 4am to be at work on time. Then you have to go to bed really early to get up that early. If you stay up late on your days off, it just makes it harder on your system to get up again at 4am. How do you all handle that schedule?

    Anyway, I just found this forum today and was disappointed to learn that DiVita may not be as good of a company as I thought it might be. I don't know if I still want to pursue a position there.