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    Hello! Anybody here who has completed the PND for IEN in Bow Valley College, Calgary?

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    Quote from suzanne4
    If it expires before the VSC is issued, then you will need to take the English exams again.

    As mentioned above, it is going to depend on when you applied for the VSC and when they receive everything that is required.
    Thanks a lot..My recruiter couldn't even answer this question. I just found it out when my ielts is about to expire.. Whew, then i'll have to retake..
    Thanks suz!

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    When did you start your VSC process?
    August 8, 2008. I paid and all my documents were already sent!

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    Hello!I need some help here!
    My visa screen process is ongoing and my ielts expires this October 27. If my ielts expires before a visa screen certificate is issued to me, will i retake ielts?