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    Hey Lorenzo, thanks as well for posting your interview answers. I learned a lot and I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. I've spent hours reading posts so far and haven't made a dent I'm sure.

    Someone kindly sent me a response via Private Message so that's all of the interviews I need. Thanks again to all of you. I very much appreciate it.


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    Oh, and yes I'm sure not having your name etc. won't be a problem. I'll explain the circumstances.


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    Thank you SO much Angie. I can imagine it's very stressful. How do you deal with it? Also, what is charting exactly?

    Thanks again,


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    Hi, I'm a new Nursing student. My classes start in a couple weeks and I need to complete 3 informational interviews with some nurses that wouldn't mind taking the time to do so. Many of the questions I'm personally curious about so I definitely good reason to do this. I just hate to bother people who are actually at work in the hospital etc. I really don't think I even know what I'm getting myself into, so this should help.

    Many thanks to those that can help with this.



    Person Interviewed:

    Job Title:


    1. What do you like best about your job?

    2. What do you like least about your job?

    3. If you quit today and moved to another area, how difficult would it be for you to find a similar job?

    4. How hard is it for an inexperienced person to land a job in this field?

    5. What do you actually do most of the day? How do you spend your time?

    6. Is this a high stress position? Do you take your job home with you?

    7. What are the opportunities for advancement?

    8. What does the job pay? How do you get raises?

    9. Are the benefits good? Is there a retirement plan?

    10. What kind of training, education, and experience would you recommend to get into this field?

    11. Are there other qualifications needed for this job? (strength, good eye sight, specific skills or abilities)

    12. How stable is your job? Is it seasonal? Are layoffs expected?

    13. What hours and days do you work? Do you have to spend time working outside of these hours? (preparation, maintenance of equipment, overtime, union meetings, volunteer work)

    14. Do you work mostly alone or with others?

    15. Does the company provide additional training as the job requirements change?

    16. Is the same job going to exist fifteen years from now?

    17. In addition to formal training or education, what should I be doing to prepare for this position?