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    Absolutely. If the home health agency does not, they're probably not that reputable. For someone new to home health, the least the one I work for...will slowly ease you into this role, by giving you 1-2 patients to start and then our DON will review your visits w/you and increase your workload when ready. A lot of our RNs visit around their work schedules from the hospital and we have others that have young children and visit when it's convenient for them. Home Health really gives an RN a lot of flexibility in their schedules. If your looking to investigate the industry and would like training email me at

    Good Luck I hope I helped :spin:

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    I work with a home health agency here in Chicago (MedCare HMC) and $50/$60 is in line with the market here.

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    I'm going to be impartial, but Medcare HMC located just southwest of Chicago in Westchester (inbetween Oakbrook & LaGrange) is a modern cutting edge home health corporation that is always looking for interested RNs who want experience in the industry. Please email me personally at if you're interested. Top pay + flexible hours. Good Luck!