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    I started the course in February and have been doing it for about six months now but more and more recently I've been considering quitting.

    I dropped out of school after a year of sixth form (my parents were not pleased) and I felt pressured into making a decision about what to do with my future and the choice to do nursing just sort of happened.

    I have enjoyed some of the course, but not the majority. And top of all of this I have some sort of eating disorder (not diagnosed or anything) that seems to sort of come and go if that makes any sense at all, but any time I get stressed it gets a lot worse and since starting the course it's got worse and worse and I've been eating next to nothing whilst doing 12 hours shifts etc.

    I do wish I could enjoy the course but with all the essays and bad placements I've had it doesn't seem likely. None of this is helped by the fact that I'm really shy and only confident with people I know really well, so obviously going to different wards all of the time I'm never getting to know anyone well enough to feel comfortable around them.

    I want to quit, but I'm pretty sure my parents are going to either be really angry or dissapointed, or both. I'm 18 and therefore won't have any option but to live with them still as I've got no money and I don't know what I'd do if I quit the course.

    Sorry if this is slightly off topic/not the kind of thread that's meant to be here, but I really needed a place to get that off my chest.