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    Has anyone out there done the UAA nursing program with the Fairbanks extension? I have been looking into the program, and would love to hear any first hand stories about your experience. I've been thinking about nursing school, and currently reside in Fairbanks, but I'm not sure if distance learning is for me.

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    I have been researching and thinking about going back to school for a career related to public health (specifically Epidemiology or International Health), possibly nursing. It seems like almost all of the master's programs out there require some sort of health care degree prior to enrollment.
    -Has anyone out there enrolled in a program that has an overlap between nursing and public health?
    - I don't have an interest in being a long term staff/floor nurse. Can anyone share what job/career path they have followed outside of this?
    -I could never work 40-50 hrs/week (or more!) as I need to have more personal time to stay balanced and be healthy. Does anyone have a success story of working @30hrs/week and still getting benefits etc?
    Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.