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    The start date for the RN program is in November of this year. Not sure the exact date though. As for the teachers who got fired, one of them just started this quarter (June 08). I don't know who the other was. I can tell you who's there.....Doc, Ms B, Ms O, Ms V, among a few others. Does this help at all?

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    I'm currently a student at GCC. Just last week, they released their director and hired a new guy. Let me tell you, he does not play. They were all about floating everyone through the program no matter what you did. People came when they felt like it, came in late, talked on their name it. This guy is cleaning it all up. By the time we start up again next quarter (3 weeks), it'll all be different I bet. He's fired a few of the teachers who weren't worth a damn, too. Yesterday he said he doesn't care if 24 people start the class and only 10 are still in it at the end -- as long as they pass their boards. He's not going to mess around with any of the crap that's been going on. It's going to be a good change in my opinion. I would recommend the school.