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    Hi, I'm a 27 year old surveyor (construction). I have quite the dilemma so I joined this community to be able to speak to professionals in the field my mother so enjoyed and toiled for years in. She was/is a married LPN for 24 years before she had to retire due to a Mitral (sp.) Valve Replacement in 1995, for which she is doing extremely well with... considering it's life expectancy was 10 years before they believed the buildup on it would be too much (if I recall correctly as that being the reason). Well she was totally covered under my fathers insurance, which was awesome, thru Uhaul. But he became disabled (federally, gets support (Medicare from the government, or at least will get)). Luckily he was pretty high up in the company and knew the owner. They extended his insurance the last two years so that he and my mother could continue to enjoy the coverage and peace of mind. Well, unfortunately that coverage will be coming to an end soon and my mother will not be eligible for Medicare for another year. She tried to apply for disability herself but was denied, even thought the DMV has issued her a placard and she has to re-cert every year because its a heart condition. I even tried to see if I could get her covered under my insurance through my work, but I'd have to claim her as a dependent but i'm unable to do that (well still looking into what I need to do). They are under a limited income (SS) and I do what I can to help support them.
    Now with the background complete I come to my main question.
    Q) Does anyone know if there are any type of organizations (national or local) or ways that may be able to help my mother getting some form of coverage and/or even just some assistance with the bills?
    I live in New Mexico, as do my parents. It's just so dangerous, in her condition, to be w/o any insurance. Any help anyone can give me I would be most gracious for and forever in debt to.