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  • Mar 7 '09

    Isn't part of the fun of being pregnant wondering who your child will look like? We had the most fun trying to guess what color eyes, hair, etc. our babies would have, and who they would look like. I can't imagine not having that joy. Both of my kids are blonde/straight haired and blue eyed like me, but they could have had their daddy's black wavy hair and green eyes, or some combo. It was really fun guessing who they would look like. We guessed who's nose, chin, cheeks, etc. they would have. I wouldn't want to design them, even if I could design them "perfect". I wouldn't want to give up those late nights of talking about who we thought they would look like. Then we got the surprise, they both have MIL's face. I thought they would look like dh.

    I am another that also believes if you push mother nature a little too hard, she is going to get ticked and really shove us back. And it won't be good.

    I am opposed to it for religious reasons, as well.

    I guess i am just really against this.

  • Dec 21 '08

    Quote from Iam46yearsold
    I will admit I am fatter when you can beat me in a marathon. My last time running a 26.2 mile marathon was 3 hours 22 minutes. Good for someone 46 years old. Very little fat on me.

    I was going to say something else also. But you know men and their egos.
    Forget a marathon. That takes too much extra work.

    Try a 40 mile road march with a 90 pound rucksack in the West Texas Desert.

  • Oct 24 '08

    I avoid that female stuff whenever I can. Actually Im just trying to get out of work. I do the heavy lifting, take care of the combatant drunks. Let the women do the female things.