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    has anyone gone to this program? Phlebotomy Education in Garden City.. $925 and they have other schedules/locations but i am taking the advanced course that is the 5 saturdays as stated above.

    also, does anyone know if this would be worth it to take? are there entry level phlebotomist jobs out there? from what i've read it seems like most places want 1-2+ years experience. but i want to get into a hospital and i cannot take nursing right now so i thought this might be a good idea to start.

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    no thanks, i can't afford 6+ more pre-reqs. ridiculous.

    mystic, i can sympathize.. i just started pre-reqs this fall and now this $500+ algebra class is no good to me because i just can't do all these pre/co-reqs to get into the dang LPN program. so i basically took it for nothing, not to mention that i couldn't afford that to begin with. i planned on paying for the pre-reqs because there were only a couple more that i needed, but NOW, ugh, i can't do it (more $$ plus working full-time.. it's too much.) it's a good way for the school to make more money, but for the people just getting started, it sucks that they changed the program.

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    yeah it's changed. it sucks, the requirements have tripled for lpns so i'm not going to take their prog now.

    dear student,

    our records indicate that you expressed an interest in the nursing
    program at schoolcraft college. the schoolcraft college nursing
    department is excited to announce the nursing career ladder
    curriculum (nclc) which was recently approved by the michigan board
    of nursing. the nclc will be replacing the current associate degree
    nursing (adn) and the practical nursing (pn).

    this new innovative program was designed to increase flexibility for
    the nursing student to move from a pn program to an adn program. the
    nclc contains both the adn and pn program. following successful
    completion of the pn program requirements, students may apply for
    licensure as a licensed practical nurse (lpn) and have the option of
    continuing into the adn program without further application or
    admission requirements. upon successful completion of the adn
    program, graduates may apply for licensure as a registered nurse

    the nclc is rigorous and challenging. it requires a high level of
    student commitment and mastery of content in many academic areas.

    other important information about the nclc includes;

    one-hundred-twenty (120) students are admitted once a year in the
    fall semester.

    first year courses are scheduled into one 15 week fall semester, two 7 1/2 week winter sessions, one 7 week spring semester and one 4 week summer semester which is optional for adn students. to complete the adn program, the second year courses are scheduled into four 7 1/2 week sessions.

    the program is primarily a day/afternoon program. classes generally
    meet three days per week.

    in addition to lecture and laboratory, clinical practice is required. students must furnish and maintain uniforms and supplies as required by the department and clinical facilities. applications are accepted on a continuous basis.

    some prerequisites, admission criteria and supportive courses have changed. please review the new guidelines for admission to the nclc available at [color=#0000cc] we will be providing information sessions to assist with answering any questions you may have about these changes. please plan on attending one of the following sessions:

    friday, october 17, 2008, 3:00-4:00pm waterman wing room 210

    monday, october 27, 2008, 10:00-11:00am waterman wing room 210

    after attending the information sessions any additional questions can be answered through the nursing department (734)462-4401, or scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor/counselor (734)462-4429 or by contacting the financial aid department at (734)462-4433 if appropriate.

    joy a. pollard rn, phd, acnp-bc
    director of nursing programs

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    hey is anyone currently enrolled in this program or a recent graduate? a little more info would be nice. i am going to meet with a michigan works person this week

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    thank you all

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    i know lpns are huge in LTC and ALFs, but where else can they work? should i expect to have to work in one of these facilities as an lpn or to make decent money? i know there are many hospitals around here that do not hire lpns anymore, i dont think working strictly with the elderly would be for me, who knows though, after i get some experience i may like it.

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    schoolcraft college has one

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    i find it interesting
    i feel i have compassion
    the pay and the number of opportunities in the field
    the almost 100% guarantee that in a bad economy i will be able to get a job and support myself
    i also like the potential to have a schedule i like more

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    i'm able to take mine thru the school i am planning on taking the LPN course, which is a local college here in michigan. they offer a lot of their classes online, the couple that i need included! so i don't have to mess with my work schedule until i'm actually in nursing school

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    i am 30 and will hopefully be getting into the practical nursing course next fall. i am lucky, all of my pre-reqs are online so i don't have to take them with the youngins

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    does anyone know if NWLB will cover costs of going to, say, schoolcraft's LPN program, or do you have to sign up with a program thru michigan works, like this DHCC thing?

    also, are all the miworks centers in detroit? their website has been down for at least a day and doesn't look like it'll be back up anytime soon.

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    Quote from jabraham99
    I envy you. I am 42 and trying to get into a program. You have a lot of time. Apply to as many schools as you can!
    agreed. i'm 30 and still doing pre-reqs

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    yep, i have heard all very good things from nurses who graduated from schoolcraft

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    I have heard that some michigan hospitals don't hire LPNs anymore.. anyone know which don't and which do? thanks.

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    let me ask you, what vaccines or titers need to be done? all i saw on the LPN app was hep b vac