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    Hey new friends and fellow students!

    Last week in clinic, a cardiologist came into to check a patient's new pacemaker-
    She had what appreared as a normal stethoscope- but it had a rubber piece that wrapped around the head- in between the bell and diaphragm. She picked up the edges of the piece so that at no time did her hands touch the head. It was really interesting to watch and I feel sure it cuts down on ambient noise from your fingers touching the bell..

    Obviously, I didn't ask her what it was.. she was in and out in less than 30 seconds...

    Anyone seen it? Know what it's called? I've spent too much time in frustration online shopping for one when I can't identify the name of the piece!!!!!!!! I'm sure it was a pharmaceutical marketing thing, as it had the name of a drug scrolled across the side...

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :typing