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    I feel nursing is a good option for those who are certain that any mistakes they make will be slight ones. I have my BSN and tried working at two different facilities. I don't think I made any while working, but the potential is there for humans to err. I guess I am kind of scared off by the ramifications of the legal systems. ALL that RESPONSIBILITY. I would love to get into some type of occupation where I could use my BSN without the direct patient care. I live in a scarcely populated agricultural area so there are not too many options. I liked the direct patient care but don't care for the fact that if I ever made a big or harmful error I would have to live the rest of my life feeling responsible for harming someone. Also my first day on the job alone the facility I worked for had a visit from the state. I answered everything fine and the whole visit went well but I sure felt thrown to the wolves.

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    Not in rural areas. Opportunities are limited.