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    did you register to take the nclex rn exam? if so then you can just do it online... its easier...

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    i already called my BON and they said they already mailed my license verification last July 16th.. so i hope my TL comes soon

    Quote from MedSurg32RN
    I only suggested that one should apply in person when they are stating they are need to work as soon as possible.

    Also which state is you initial license ? I ask since many use the nursys were the state can verify it online otherwise they have to mail and get a copy which could take much longer.

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    thanks everyone for responding... i am now enlightened with regards to the TL... i was suppose to have an orientation today but they said they need my california license so the administrator told me they might hire someone else and put me on hold instead.....its really sad... i need a job so bad...

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    i took my nclex rn here in califnornia but the state i applied for initial licensure is different.. i just took it here in san diego.. after learning that i passed, i applied for endorsement both permanent and temporary license... i cant work till i get the endorsement process complete and i get my license card right?

    "BTW, let me ask you this. Did you take the NCLEX in the state where you currently hold a license? I took the NCLEX in IL but currently practice in MI. I have received RN licenses in both states, thus, I had to submit verification forms from both states (IL and MI). If your case is similar, you'll have to do the same as I did.[/quote]

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    oh really i have to go to sacramento and apply for the TL? oh wow.. i thought only if you change your mind and you'd want to apply in person...thats crazy though

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    thank you guys for responding... im quite worried.. i'm here in california and i also took my nclex rn here... i just applied to a different state before for intial lincensure coz the application process was way faster than applying in california... i didnt think much about the endorsement because my friend told me that i can start working while waiting for my endorsement... its crazy... i jist applied a month ago and i already got the confirmation letter saying they have reviewed my application... i have submitted all the requirements... i cant wait to work... i dont have a job right now... im still waiting for my california license before i start working... i dont think they will consider my license from another state... sad sad sad

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    hi there thanks for the reply... it takes that long? 4 months? wow!! i applied both for temporary and permanent license... i got a response from the california bon already that they have reviewed my application and that i lack some requirements.. so far i called the state where i am currently licensed and they said they already mailed my license verification last july 16th... my school sent my transcripts already.. so by monday next week they might receive it... im just confused about what the " verification that you ahve passed the nclex rn" really is.. if its the same with the verification of license from the state where im currently active... Ty

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    i have the actual license and i also have a social security... i just want to ask if the "verification that i have pased the nclex" and the license verification from the bon where i am active is the same./... thanks

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    i am currently endorsing my license from another state to califnornia. i ahve a question though, they are asking for a "LICENSE VERIFICATION INDICATING YOU HAVE PASSED THE NCLEX-RN" is it the same license verification the state where you are currently licensed is issuing?


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    Quote from pavilion23
    Hi Nursekittykat! Thank you for confirming that code. I still can't get through. I hope and pray that i will get a positive result. Goodluck to all of us who are still in the agony of waiting. God Bless!

    Dont put the manila as your city.. just leave it black...then try again

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    I'm so sorry to hear you failed... i feel your pain. i've been through that myself and it was horrible... just dont give up, study harder, i'm sure you'll be an RN soon... the first time i took it i failed too.. it was traumatizing.. it took me another 2 years to retake the exam because it wasnt a very pleasant experience.. my confidence level was was below the ground... until i ran down this dite and read encouraging words from a lot of people.. i took the test again last may 2oth and i learned recently i passed... i used the book prioritization and delegation by lacharity and the feuer review course...... goodluck on your next battle...

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    yup philippines-99-425 thats correct

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    Quote from pavilion23
    Hi everyone, thank you for the information. I took the NclexRN (california) yesterday at 8am. I answered 150 questions. I took my BSN in the Philippines but I am here now in California.

    I tried this trick as soon as i got home and until this morning. I can't go to the payment page. I stuckep up at the review window where you have to answer the YES/NO questions. here's what i entered:

    Country: PHILIPPINES
    City: Manila
    - OR - Program Code
    (e.g. xx-xxx): 99-425

    After i click "search" on the lower part, there's a pop up.... but it says: Nothing matched your searched criteria. Please change your criteria and try again.

    Please help me. I am losing my mind. Could somebody checked if i get the right code. Is this the same as the "International Program Code"??? Philippines : 99-425, is this correct???

    Thank you so much! I hope I could get a positive result. I can't sleep. Pls help me...

    just dont put the "city part" it makes an error... just put philippines then the code.. hope it works

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    Quote from Alexk49
    California will issue a license only with a valid SSN.
    Check with the Board of Nursing, they will issue an interim permit.

    California is having tough times, very high unemployment rate and state is bankrupt.

    thank you very much... i have a valid ssn.. i just passed the nclex rn under saipan bon.... i'll go check board of nursing right now.. thanks for the reply.... i know california is having a heck of a time right now...

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    i have a question... i am currently licensed in saipan.... and had it endorsed in california .. question is can you start working in california if your license is currently being processed for endorsement?.. thanks