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    Thank goodness we have one another to lean on! As I'm reading these posts, I'm thinking,"oh yeah, uh-huh, i hear ya!" 3mos of orientation, 2mos on my own, & dang, what a ride it has been!! Good nights, bad nights, and everything else in between! Never hesitate to ask your preceptor a question! if he/she gives you a hard time, then maybe they shouldn't be a preceptor. I'm off orientation, but I still ask my previous preceptor, my colleagues, or charge nurse tons of questions. Personally, I rather risk looking silly than jeopardize a pt's safety. anyone hate charting like i do? i know we have to document, but can't help this feeling, esp when it's SUPER busy! i know how to, but i just dread it....sigh.

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    Hi...grad in dec '09, RN in feb, and thankfully started wk in April! I've been on my own for ~2 months and some nights are really good while others are CRAZY! by the end of those shifts, I just want to crawl in a corner and hide. fyi-i wk on a m/s surgical floor. on the way home, i remember a kzillion things i forgot to do or should've done better...errrr. it's hard NOT to think about work when i'm at home, but i have to remind myself that i gave my pts the best care possible and learn from my mistakes. we've worked so hard to to have RN at the end of our names, so we MUST hang in! as hard as some nights are, i LOVE my job and am BLESSED to be in this profession!

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    Hello, I am new to this website this is my first post. I just started on the Med-Surg floor and I feel very overwhelmed I feel like there is so much to learn with so little time. My precepeptor is really nice but I feel that everything is going by so quick and I feel like I'm not catching on. I am going on my 3rd week and I feel so lost. I only have 3 months of training before I am on my own. I keep thinking.. "Am I gonna get all of this?" I feel like I don't know how to manage my time and I am not good with documentation/narratives. Is there any advice anyone can please give me? thank you all in advance.

    Hi! I'm also a new grad...grad in dec 08, passed my boards in feb, and thankfully found a job recently! i, too, will be working on the med-surg unit. I start next week! I'm excited, but nervous at the same time. any tips for me? do you carry a lil notebook with you to jot down notes? i read the advice discussion for med-surg newbies...definitely helpful!
    i'm sure you're doing great! good luck! let me know how you're doing!

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    i just finished peds and we used wong's 7th edition. i'm not sure what edition you're going to use, but i personally didn't get much from the book. i wouldn't buy the extra wong stuff, esp since you have the RN notes. Good luck!

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    my cousin had all 3 of her children there and said the nurses were great! they're a busy unit as far as i know. i'll be grad in dec 2008 and interested in fvrh l&d unit also. good luck!! tell me how it goes! :wink2: