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    MairepFalcon I am sorry we did not meet today...I am sure we will meet at the test on name is Rachael...I will be there and if not surely we will meet at our Tues night class Congratulations

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    You know we were all there today and I didnt even think to find out who all the individuals in the Part time were...I guess we will meet in person on Thursday before the test...did anyone find any info on the format of the test or any study aides>>>

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    oKay so an another HAPPY note...i went to the Med campus yesterday to turn in my acceptance and I saw the secretary preparing to send out more acceptance letters...I DID NOT DARE ASK but its a bit of HOPE for us all!

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    I have a BA in International Relations and Economics and a MS in Educational Leadership. Been a high school Social Studies teacher for 8 years (going on 9)...A COMPLETE 360 for me...but I am very excited...

    I am 29 and have 2 BEAUTIFUL little children and a wonderful hubby who works for Miami Dade's Finest (MDPolice Dept)...

    I cant wait to meet all of you! We are on our way!

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    IM HERE! a little late...but I got my acceptance for the Part Time Generic yesterday...

    I registered online for the ATI account, but you have to make sure to choose the ADN program (the instructions they sent us were wrong)...

    OH! And I spoke to the program director for the Baptist Scholars program yesterday (can you tell I am anxious ... and she said that NO SCHOLARS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT BAPTIST FOR THE FALL 09 program! OMG! She stated that they had no $$$... I was looking forward to applying for the program but now I am SUPER bummed. Does anyone know of any other scholarship programs that we may be able to apply for since our GPAs are above average?

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    MOMMY's GIRL could you also PM me the list of professors...You guys are SO INCREDIBLE! Thanks again

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    Hi MOMMY'S GIRL! I just got my acceptance letter for the part time generic!!!! I cant believe it! I already paid the 100 to reserve my seat, faxed in the acceptance and receipts (but Im going down there tomorrow to turn it in IN PERSON JUST IN CASE), my background and physical is tomorrow, and we will be in orientation next week! WHAT A WHIRLWIND!

    Are you in the Full time or the Part time program...I need to make friends in the program. There is only 1 other friend of mine that I know of who was admitted to any of the programs...

    Well HOPE to see you next week, and thanks again for all the words of encouragement!

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    Got my letter yesterday...Im scrambling to get all my paperwork done so that I can send my acceptance! Hope to see you guys on the 23rd

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    Thank u so much Mommy's dilemma is that I just moved (last month) and the address they sent it to was my previous home...when I found out people were receiving their letters I checked my address on file and CHANGED it immediately. I am hoping if I call someone will answer my questions (but it doesnt sound too hopeful after reading previous posts)...hopefully I will receive something this week since I did forward my mail when I moved...

    thanks again

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    I am sitting here reading all of your posts (when I should be studying for my CHem test on Sun)...but I am so happy to hear that many of you got in! And to those of you that have heard NOTHING yet...LETS PRAY TOGETHER that we hear soon (before we go nuts)...and to those of you that will not be entering MDC in the fall, dont give up! You guys give ALL of us so much hope! Its our persistance and dedication that will make us ALL GREAT nurses...


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    Alot of my classmates have begun receiving their acceptance letters for MDC. According to them, the cut off for Fall 09 was 3.8! OMG!!!

    Now I am second guessing myself because I have a 4.0 in my prerequisites, but not in my undergrad Bachelors degree. Does anyone know if Miami Dade calculates incoming transfer students as starting off with a 4.0 if you have a bachelors already? I had a 3.6 in my bachelors and now I am afraid that i might not get in...even though my degree audit says i have a 4.0....

    AHHHHHH! (And congrats to those of you that got in!)

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    hi 30 NCN.

    I too just applied to the part time generic program (28, married w/ 2 toddlers)...I spoke with my professor last weekend (he is also an advisor at the medical campus...Professor Robert Olton) and he mentioned that the Part Time program is usually one day during the week and all day on Saturdays (once you are admitted).

    I am currently finishing up A&PII and the A&PLab...and am registered for Chem, Chem lab, and Micro during the summer. The only problem I encountered was that partime students are only admitted in the Fall so if you do not apply for this fall you have to wait until next year.

    Good luck and let me know if you hear anything differently...

    thanks! Teech2Nurse

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    Hi tracie0305 and MDC2009...I too am a teacher (for the past 8 years) and am SICK of our school district in Miami, so I went back to school last fall to begin my prerequisites for the Generic Part Time program. I am actually applying for this coming fall...I just have to finish up Chemistry & Microbiology...

    Because I have 2 kids...I have to continue to I have to apply for the Part Time program...



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    Hello to both of you...

    I am a resident of Miami and can tell you both that the Campus and surrounding areas are not that "great"...try looking into the Hallendale area...or if you would like to be closer to Miami, look into Kendall, and/or Coral Gables. They are both really nice areas.

    I teach high school (since 2002) and have lived in Kendall since 1992. My husband is a police in the area and we both agree that we will be able to raise our kids here... GRANTED its not Princeton NJ (my sis lives there) but its nice for Miami standards...

    Check out the following zip codes when looking for homes...33196, 33186, 33193, 33183, 33184 (some areas), 33175, 33134, 33146, ...these are some nice areas according to my hubby...

    You do not have to take classes at the Medical Campus...MDC offers classes at local hospitals (Baptist, South Miami, Jackson)--they are actually better because most are taught by Doctors and have access to better and more accessible labs. (JUST AN IDEA)...

    hope this helps.