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    Quote from Whisper
    I dread patients who require manual bp's, I am not that confident with a sphigometer and usually end up doing it twice just to be sure.

    Guess I haven't been a (student) nurse long enough!
    Bless you Whisper, when I trained nearly 14 years ago we did not have the benefit or non of dinamaps and had to rely on manual sphygs, doing obs on a whole ward of 24+ patients on the late shift. It really is the best way of getting an accurate reading of a patient and staff have become too reliant on using machinery.

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    Quote from Stitchie
    It's a horrid situation when you're left like that. I don't pretend to know what the solution is; I've just been on both sides of the 'fence', if you will.

    There is no room for hatred on a nursing unit. And no sane NM would tolerate such behavior.

    My previous unit, before the insane ED where I work now, was positively toxic. Rotten to the core with favoritism. I received a form letter from the CEO saying how much he valued nurses and if I ever wanted to seek employement at the hospital group again I'd be welcome with open arms, blah blah blah.

    Well, I wrote back a one page email rebuttal quoting his letter and my experiences on th floor. Can't wait to see what happens. But what most likely will happen is nothing. What does he care if one more disgruntled nurse leaves? It happens every day!

    Best of luck to you. I don't have any words of encouragement or any solutions. This seems to be a world-wide problem. What a shame. We have the potential to use our power for good, and instead...we tear each other up with it.

    I hope all goes well for you. (((()))))
    Thank you Stitchie for your kind words. I am no longer working in that environment although I slogged it out for 8 and a half years with no problems until I had a new line manager (promoted up). In my opinion safe teamwork depends on a good manager who values his/her staff and encourages the best out of them whatever their level of skill. Nursing is a brilliant profession and I will ever be proud that I did the training.

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    Quote from Stitchie
    So we're in agreement then? We'll all be nice, say thanks, great job! And be an example to our coworkers!
    I was in a situation last year with several unqualified staff who literally hated qualified nurses (based on jealousy). One of them was best friends with the line manager who sided with her. Night duty would be horrendous because they would decide what they were to do, start obs late at the beginning of the shift and start and end of the shift despite having adequate breaks.

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    There is no real solution to this and having been the recent victim of such an individual I can but only sympathise. Unfortunately, bullying behaviour is rife in the health arena.

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    Obviously this will not cure MRSA but will be used by doctors and nurses as an antiseptic cream prior to handling patients. At the moment there is a huge campaign in hospitals here about handwashing. BTW the Sun is the best selling newspaper in the UK (a tabloid).

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    Be glad to be of help, I am a registered nurse in a busy East Midlands teaching hospital specialising in acute general and vascular surgery