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    I was accepted at UNF for Spring of 2019. Yes, God's timing is perfect.

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    I interviewed last year (waitlisted and never received any other feedback) and in my experience LSU offers interviews after the application deadline of August 1st. Good luck to all!!

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    Yes, check your personal email.

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    Check your emails! I just received my interview invite!

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    My application still says incomplete/complete. Uh oh! Lol. I wonder what that means.

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    I don't know if I received an interview invite yet. It sounds like they are disseminating the same info out to everyone! Best wishes everybody!

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    I just received an email that my application is complete and the prospective interview dates. Best wishes to everyone! It would be nice to have multiple options for school.

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    That would be awesome! Lol! Best wishes to everyone!

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    I wonder when they will begin contacting applicants for interviews. How exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time.

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    That is good to know.

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    Thanks!! I am trying to figure out how much out of town traveling they would require.

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    Does anyone know if FIU has a list of their clinical sites available?

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    I have emailed staff with the initials JR, CG, and and MD. I spoke with CG on the phone about two weeks ago and she was able to confirm that my application packet along with one of my school transcripts has been received. Then I received an email from another staffer stating that two of of my transcripts were in. I have been accepted to the University of North Florida and I am sure I will be attending this school. I have a great feeling about it. The application process moved so quickly and I was accepted right off the bat. There was a lot of prep work with sending multiple transcripts to FIU and it was kind of costly. At this point I wanted to see if I would be granted an interview. If not, I am pretty secure in my school choice. I am looking forward to a move to Florida either way. Best wishes to everyone. Lord knows the application process is extremely stressful. I am so happy to have some of the anxiety relieved.

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    Has anyone received confirmation that their application is complete. My application status is weird in the system. It says my application is incomplete and the underneath it there is a message that reads:

    Application for Review is Complete:* Your application has been referred to the Graduate Department for review.* You will be notified of their decision in writing by our office, when a decision is reached.

    I have been emailing the nursing school to ensure that they have received all of my transcripts, but no one is replying. I have already been accepted to another school, but I just wanted to make sure my information was not lost in space.

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    Hey jepoyjepijep,

    I sent you a PM!