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    Quote from 2bnurse-1
    galee Csantos, can I borrow your brain!
    That's a good idea~~~it's really intensive to finish A&P within few weeks, I wish I can do it.

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    I still remember the first time I joined the class of A&P. (It was also my first time to study in USA and I don;t have any medical education background) It was horriable since I almost can understand nothing. I felt so depressed and I wanted to quit. But I did not. I worked so hard and I got both As of A&P I and II.

    I think different study way suits different person. My key is, take good note;review the stuff as much often as I can; check the related infor from website and try to know more; try to get more harder test questions from web or book to practice.

    You have an advantage over me, cause I need to overcome the language difficuty. You can get an A with hardwork.

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    That's really a good news~~~happy for you!!!