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    It would be only after you hit 40 hours, then you'd be paid overtime. Unless your employer gives great benefits!

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    I finished an LPN program August 2009 and finished my co-requisites that fall, applied for block 3 Dec 09 and didn't get in Jan 10. I emailed every community college that summer of 2010 and a day later received an email from Phoenix College saying I was accepted and that was also not the school I turned my application into. Some of my classmates did get into block 3 Jan 2010, it depends on where your application was first sent I believe, along with scores and all. Just email or call and be persistent.

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    [font=franklin gothic medium]according to the cdc they state-

    "aspiration - aspiration is the process of pulling back on the plunger of the syringe prior to injection
    to ensure that the medication is not injected into a blood vessel. although this practice is advocated
    by some experts, the procedure is not required because no large blood vessels exist at the recommended
    injection sites."

    this information and more regarding medication administration guidelines can be found here: vaccines: recs/vac-admin/main page

    click "vaccine administration guidelines" it says its 15 pages next to it and its a pdf file.

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    22, have been an LPN for 8 months, will be a RN in a year when I'm 23

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    I have worked as an LPN since Dec 09 and work at a SNF. I get report, pass meds for about 2 hours, chart, do through the treatment book, then start another med pass for another 2 hours and do my treatments along with the meds. My treatments are fairly easy and not time consuming- dressing changes, various lotions/ cream applications and that's about it. It is usually very busy, but I have a desk nurse who handles the admission! I will start block 3 in August and feel this job is really teaching me a lot!

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    Yes, the books are provided for you at MSC. A lot of people end up dropping out or failing because they are not willing to study enough or not come to class. That really made me feel less confidant, they tell you that you cannot work while in school, but I worked about 20-30 hrs a week and that was fine. Just don't let them scare you. There is a lot of gossip/unprofessionalism so just don't get involved in any of it if you don't want drama. I chose to stay out of it and I wasn't involved. Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions later on. Oh and they may change your graduation date, so don't get too set on it. A lot of people purchased plane tickets to leave after school is over and it turned out they changed the schedule and it was finals weeks. They have been changing the graduation date by a couple weeks or a month from the original time they tell you. Everything to them is "tentative" and you must ALWAYS be flexible according to them since your in nursing school! So in their eyes being in nursing school makes it okay for them to be extremely unorganized!

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    Yayy I just found out I start block 3 in August! I wouldn't want to wait that long either! I don't remember all the titles for the block 0 books, I know it was an anatomy book, med term, and nutrition book. In blocks 1 and 2 you need a Davis's Drug guide and Adult health nursing and Foundations of Nursing and a pharmacology book. all the books are included in the $8000 (or whatever the tuition price is now) tuition. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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    My sister will be graduating from MSC in a week and she has seen a lot of changes. It is still very unorganized and there are teachers coming and going. She has passed everything and scored well on the HESI. There aren't many jobs for LPNs, just in long term care mostly. As far as getting into block 3 when your done, it doesn't seem as easy to get in. Some of my classmates who I graduated with in Aug 09 got into block 3 Jan 10. I have not gotten into block 3 yet, I have waited a semester. If you can wait, then wait. If you really need to work as an LPN asap then go to MSC. Have all your pre and co-requisites done before MSC, so you can turn your application to block 3 in right when your done at MSC.

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    I am not sure the score requirement but those scores sound good. You have to go to an information seminar to get any info from the school. TO find the next one go to Maricopa Skill Center website or call them.. 602-238-4300

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    i work in arizona and as a new grad lpn in a snf i make $22/hr + 75 cent shift differential

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    I graduated from an LPN program August 09 and some of my classmates still haven't found work. I got a job 2 months after getting licensed. As a new nurse in Glendale, AZ I make $22/hr plus 75 cents shift differential working the 2pm-10pm shift.

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    i went to maricopa skill center and overall it was an okay experience. there is a block 0, 1, 2. block 0 was a complete waste of time i thought, especially because i already had my pre-requisites done for the rn program. the financial aid was veryyy unorganized and took several times going into the financial aid office to finally receive my money. a lot of the teachers were unprofessional when i attended. once i was in block 2 it was much more organized with teachers who seemed to be dedicated and wanted to be there. i learned a lot in block 2. overall if you can stick it out with the unorganized school and staff then you will be okay. everyone i graduated with which was about 25 people all passed the boards the first time and that is all that really matters.

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    Do NOT attend MSC! I graduated from the PN program this past aug. 1st off there is barely any LPN jobs out there. I would just take your pre-reqs and get on the waiting list for the community colleges RN program. the program at MSC is $8000! and you do NOT need any pre-reqs to be admitted. if you plan to go onto the RN program take ALL your co-reqs for block 3 BEFORE you go to MSC. if you do not get into block 3 within 6 months of graduating MSC you have to get IV certified which takes 1 semester and re take pharmacology. Just get the pre-reqs done 1st! Class schedule in block A was mon-fri 8am-3pm, we had like every other friday off. block B/ 1 we had class mon-wed 8am-3pm and clinicals 630am-4pm thur OR fri. block C/2 we had class mon-wed 8-2! and clinicals 630-4pm thurs OR fri. the school was VERY unorganized and would NOT recommed it. the block 2 teachers were much better then the other 2 blocks. overall im sooo glad to never have to go back to MSC. if you CAN wait, wait to get into an RN program, muchhh better!