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    Hello everyone,

    A little background on me. I graduated from college with my BSN in May 2008 and have worked full time from then until November 2012. I have one year of Med Surge and three years of Emergency Room experience. My husband is in the Military and we moved to a new base in December (which is why I left my ER job). I have not been able to find work in my new area and I recently found out that I'm pregnant with our first child. I have always wanted to stay home with our children when they are small but I am afraid that If I leave Nursing it will be impossible to get back into the hospital when I am ready. I have considered working PRN or Per Diem until the baby comes but jobs are scarce in my area.

    Confused on what to do. Should I keep applying? Am I screwed if I leave the field for a few years?

    Thanks for your advice

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    So I am a new grad with 8 months of Med-Surge experience. I took a job on a med-surge floor after moving to San Diego with my husband and passing my NCLEX. I have never had a strong passion for adults and I really want to work in a NICU. There are three level III NICUs in San Diego and ALL of them are in a hiring freeze. The recruiters are telling me that MAYBE they will hire in Jan 2010. ARG!!!

    HELP! What should I do?

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    I used Kaplan, it depends on the teacher you get but mine was very effective and I really got a lot out of it! Keep your chin up! You'll definitely pass this time!!!

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    I am a new grad RN who has been working as a med-surge nurse for the past 5 months. Now I never really believed in the mantra of "Do a year of Med-Surge first" that all of our professors tell us. I always knew I wanted to do critical care nursing, but then I got engaged and moved to a new area and was unable to utilize all of the connections I made when I was in nursing school. So I had to take a job to make money and it was in Med-Surge.

    I am SO over being a Med-Surge RN. From the first time I toured a NICU during Maternity I was hooked. So how do I do this?

    It is harder to go into a NICU after working med-surge? Will they put me though a "new-grad" program? If anyone else has done this advice would be helpful. Should I suffer through the next 7 months to make a year of med-surge? will that look better on my resume? ARG I NEED HELP! :icon_roll

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    I am a new grad RN who has been working for the last 5 months on a med-surge unit. I am beginning to become very restless and I am very ready to being looking for another job. But I feel that it is too soon to switch jobs. I feel that such a short time will look bad on my resume for my next interviews.

    I really never wanted to be a med-surge nurse in the first place. My real desire is to work in a NICU, but I had to take this job because I had just moved to the area and needed a job to make money. What do you guys think I should do?

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    hey everyone,

    So I just moved to San Diego from Rhode Island where I went to Nursing School and am looking for work as an RN. I took my NCLEX-RN in Rhode Island for licensure in California and passed, so I have an active California RN license. I know I missed most of the new graduate programs for hospitals here (July start) but I couldn't get out here until the end of July. Now i'm feeling stuck because 1) I am brandy new (21 years old) with no "real RN experience" and 2) I don't know when these hospitals will be hiring new grads again. FYI I have my resume out at Scripps Mercy, UCSD (I know the fall program is Full), and SHARP. Does anyone know when the next SHARP new grad program is? Does anyone have any advice for other work if I can't get into the hospitals? I looked at craigslist and the classifieds and a lot of those jobs require at least one year of experience. I need HELP!!!!!!!!