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    I am doing it too, but often times I wonder how I am doing it. I work full time all day Monday through Friday. I go to clinicals Mon and Tues evening. I have class Thursday evening. I am also taking co-requisite courses and have 3 children. I am in my 5th of 6 semesters and so far I have had all A's and B's. This is truly one of the most difficult things I have done in my life but I am determined to make it work.

    I agree that you should have a plan B as nursing school should be the top priority. I do social work and I have meetings, etc, at work that are not flexible, but I have been lucky to have things not interfere. My plan B was that if my job would not be flexible I would find a tech job in a hospital where they would be flexible and give me good experience.

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    I am a nursing student and I was recently hospitalized overnight for pseudotumor cerebrii, which is basically intracranial hypertension due to excess CSF. I had horrible headache, blurry vision, etc. I had a spinal tap to drain excess fluid and literally within 1-2 hours I was much better, until the spinal headache came on the next day. They were going to give me a blood patch but decided against it after I spiked a fever so I had to suffer the spinal headache for a few days, vomiting and all.

    For the most part the nurses were great, but there was one of them that I sensed a vibe from, like she did not beleive I was in pain since she could not visulaize anything wrong with me. It reminded me that sometimes actions speak louder than words. It was a horrible experience but it is a good reminder to have mercy on your patients.

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    Our first test was not too complex. Most of it was basic dosage calculations similar to the example you gave. There was some basic conversions so be sure to know your conversion facts and a couple I&O so be sure to know how many ml in an oz. There were only a couple questions that I really found difficult. I believe there was a couple drip rate questions also. If you work in your book as instructed and do any assignments or practice/take home tests they hand out, you should be fine.

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    I am currently in the part-time evening RN Program in Logansport. They switch between LPN and RN every other year. I don't know of any others.