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    If you didn't take PEP after the incident you can have a HIV DUo test done p24antigen and antibodies done at 28 days which is 99.8% accurate- Hep C is unfortunately 12 weeks, but a PCR or RNA taken at around 6-7 weeks would provide some reassurance if you are finding it tough. I know this cos its happening to me- you are not alone. I don't think I can ever go back to nursing, no matter what my results turn out to be, and yes, this is the worst time of my life too. Don't blame yourself, it was an accident, just like if you had been in your car and had a wreck, an accident. Thoughts and prayers, but I think the risk is very small, I hope that helps somewhat.

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    Try not to worry I am sure nothing will come of this, you said yourself it was an old sharp- chance of HIV zero, chance of hep C not much more than Zero, if it was less than 4 days old then maybe, but any more than that, and your on lottery winning odds- go ahead enjoy your baby, I have said a little prayer, not cos you need it so you don't catch anything, but to give you the strength to know everything will be OK. xxx

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    Hey I really feel for you. I am going through a similar bad time right now, I am suffering with severe anxiety. After HIV scare, from a cut from a dirty razor!! I visited a private clinic for a DUO test after 28 days (99.8% accurate at 28 days) and I was seen by the most outragiously gay Dr, who was lovely to me, but since then I have been having anxiety that he stuck himself with the needle before taking my blood. Daft? Yes, probably, but he took the needle out of the cap, put the cap back on to bend the needle, before putting it in my vein. I remember thinking, ' be careful you could stick yourself like that ' . He did it right in front of me, he didn't flinch or say ouch, but I keep thinking this might be true. I don't think I can ever go back to nursing, I am too scared, I know the risks of getting HIV or any BBV are low, but for some reason it makes me feel completely sick. In my heart I know probably nothing happened in the clinic with the lovely gay Dr, ( I am not sure what Gay has to do with it, probably a perception of increased risk?) but even the though terrifies me. My test was negative, but I am left feeling perhaps in another 28 days I should go to a different clinic to get another test. My husband is demented with me- what do you guys think, am I paranoid, or have I let the horrible thoughts scare me into imagining something terrible has happened? Either way, I know how you are feeling, but lets hope there's an end to it.