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    i absolutely love crocs!....out of all the shoes i've tried, corcs are the only ones that did not make my feet hurt. i think they are safe to work in. i've never had a problem with them, but some facilites don't want nurses to wear them so you should check with your facility about that. i do suggest watching out for the fake crocs. those shoes do not have any grip on the bottom of them, and if you step in anything wet in the fake crocs, you bottom will definitely hit the floor! blessed!

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    i've worked in ltc my four years of being a nurse, and at first it was very stressful, but being that i work 11p-7a shift, my med pass is not nearly as long as the first and second shifts, so i'm able to do things correctly and i don't have to cut corners to get the job done. if you don't feel comfortable with cutting corners while doing certain things, then don't do it. if your license are on the line, then please don't do it. my license is my family's livelyhood, so i don't do anything to jeopardize it.

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    Quote from sfreders
    i was curious to know how many patients and what the exact responsibilities of lpn's are in ltcf's. i have worked in assisted living passing meds, doing tube feedings, things of this nature, and i was wondering what i can expect once i get my lpn and go to a ltcf. i am also curious to know from everyone out there who has completed the program if it's possible to work full time and do the program fulltime. i want to know if i need to try to make some sort of arrangement for my finances while going through the program or if it's possible to work and get my license. thank you.
    hello sfreders! :wink2:

    well, for me i was blessed to have a husband who worked and paid the bills while i attended school, but i had a few classmates who worked full time and attended school full time as well. i think it depends on how easily you catch on in shcool, and how stressful it is for you. most of my friends did it with no problem, and some had to give up working if they wanted to continue with their schooling. i think it's up to the individual, and his/her priorities.

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    hello my fellow nurses! name is b-soulz, and i am a four year lpn which i've only had the opportunity to work in the field of geriatrics. i stumbled upon this site by accident yesterday, and now i'm hooked. looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things from all of you. blessed!!

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    in the faciltiy i work in, the cna coordinator supervise the cnas....she has no supervising responsibility over the lpns.....