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    Dear folks,
    I am currently a 4th (and final) year B. Sc. Nursing student in India. I am trying to find what is required to get a nursing job in California (I have a cousin in San Jose, California; that's why I chose California; he can not file my green card though).
    I don't have any work visa or green card.
    I am confused after reading so much of information ..

    Looks like I might need to get something from CGFNS (but what? not clear). I think I need to write TOEFL and NCLEX. I also need to apply with California board of nurses ..and I also need to find an employer+employment ..and I also need to get some work visa (H1-B ?) or green-card.

    What I don't understand is
    1. Do I need to do anything else ?
    2. In what chronological order should above (and other required) things be done ?
    3. How do I find employer and how do I get visa or green card.

    Any help with these questions will be much much appreciated.
    Thank you all for reading and god bless you.