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    Thanks for the info everyone. Nurse_mo1986, if thats your yahoo name then I added you.

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    I would do that, but I have no idea how to PM on here.

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    Any students from Missouri? I think I am ready to finally take the next step and get started into the Excelsior program. Im in the Kansas City area and would love to talk to others in the state who are either students now or have graduated from Excelsior. Thanks and hope to hear from you...

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    I have a question. What do people think about going to Excelsior for the RN program? I am a paramedic with 17 years of experience in the field of EMS. I am from the state of Missouri. Anyone out there gone this route? Difficult to do while working full time? I work EMS with a 24 on and 48 off schedule. Although lately more 48 on and 24 off. Does Missouri recognize this program?

    Any information that anyone would like to share, I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks so much!