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    I ran into the same problem, most of the nursing instructors basically do not know how to teach the material. Granted, it is hard to teach someone not only information but the art of applying the information. I have been compiling lots of information on how to improve your grades in nursing school, some of which are study techniques and some are key points. I have developed these techniques and used these and am now publishing them for others to use. I am at the end of my nursing program, yes, it took that long to put my finger on why I have been successful and why many have not. So here's a link to the information I have found useful and that has helped me. I add to them when I have time so please visit and send me ideas on what you topics you need help with and I will look through my school of hard knocks notes and post the information.

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    The ACLU stated their regulations do not allow them to act as a primary counsel. I did not know that they could not act as primary counsel either.

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    To LLG,

    Thanks for the reply. She has talked to several lawyers and they are all apparently afraid of the BON, or afraid of having to actually work.

    However, she has written to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has shown them all of the paperwork sent to her by the BON and they agree that she has a good case that the BON has violated her US Bill of Rights and they will support her with resources, research and even work as co counsel, they can not be the primary attorney for her

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    I am about to finish nursing school in South Carolina and after having a very very close friend loose her license, after seeing the abuse of authority and power and tyrannical behavior by South Carolina’s BON I am now afraid to apply for or obtain an RN nurse license in the state.

    My close friend was licensed as a nurse in South Carolina, the BON first accused her of abusing the patients drugs (taking them herself), based on a report from her staffing agency (who I must say, was over 120 miles away, and reported by an office staff person who was not a nurse.) The allegation was at least relayed to the staffing agency by the nurse manager, whom had it relayed to her from some other unknown individual. First of all the initial complaint was reported by someone who did not have first hand or even second hand knowledge of the alleged incident. The Staffing agency requested that she take a drug test, which she did that day; the test came back negative (no drugs in her system). A state agency, other than the BON, Department of Health and Environmental Control (DEHEC), conducted an investigation of the alleged incident and their report stated that there was no evidence to support the allegation or any wrongdoing.

    The BON issued an order for an evaluation by the Recovering Professionals Program (RPP) for a drug dependency problem and on the same day, just minutes from the issuance of the order to go to RPP issued an order immediately suspending her license. RPP is an organization that treats and monitors nurses and physicians who are drug addicts or who abuse drugs or alcohol. The BON did not even give her an opportunity to comply with the order for the evaluation by RPP. She went to RPP and took two more drug tests, one urine test and a hair test (which as you know can go back several months to determine if drugs had been used over the past 3 months or more). Both drug tests were also negative. The psychiatric evaluation, by the psychiatrist at RPP gave a diagnosis that was negative for an addictive personality and negative for a drug dependency problem.

    To recap, all three drug tests were negative for drugs, the psychiatrists diagnosis were negative for any drug related issues, and the investigation by DEHEC found no evidence of drugs being misappropriated, stolen or otherwise misdirected.

    Despite these facts the BON refused to give her her license back, has not allowed her to have a hearing, has not complied with the state’s nurse practice act,, SECTION 40-33-116 paragraphs A and B “ A licensee or applicant who is prohibited from practicing under this subsection must be afforded at reasonable intervals an opportunity to demonstrate to the board the ability to resume or begin the practice of nursing with reasonable skill and safety.” The BON has also violated SECTION 40-33-1330 paragraphs A and BA hearing must be promptly commenced and determined.” As they have refused to schedule a hearing until 7 months after her request."

    The BON violated her Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitutional rights, violated several sections of the state’s nurse practice act, violated their own regulations and tossed aside any and all evidence in her defense and evidence that has demonstrated that she is not guilty of drug abuse, nor stealing any drugs from the facility, nor any of the allegations. Yes I have personally seen and read all of the documentation that the BON has sent, plus have been a witness to the conversations between her and the BON. The BON further sent her a consent agreement, which basically has language in it that she admits to all of the nonsense the BON has accused her of and the BON has threatened her and has tried to coerce her into signing the document and if she does not sign the document they will not give her her license back. If she does sign the document she most likely will not be able to work because of all of the restrictions placed on her license. She will be treated like a convicted drug addict, having to suffer, at her own expense drug tests demanded upon her at any time that the BON wishes, is not allowed to move anywhere without the BON’s prior approval, and can not accept a nursing position anywhere without the BON’s prior approval.

    Please tell me if all of the BON’s in every state are this corrupt? Do they get off on destroying nurses and putting them out of work with no cause? Do they all like abusing their power and authority? If this is the case I just wasted four years in nursing school as I refuse to be a party to these types of tyrannical acts by BON’s.

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    Quote from virgojd
    hi! new to this site! love it!
    i am an r.n./cst with 30 yrs exp in the operating room. since i've gotten my degree, i have lied to the ga board each time i renew. i have several arrests (no felonies). i want to come clean! no pun.... what do i do? my license has never been in investigated thus far. i have an alcohol problem. i'm the weekend warrior drinker. made stupid decisions to drive and have 4 dui arrests with 2 dropped. one marijuana possession and a couple of domestic abuse (alcholic boyfriend) and on shop lifting, all steming from drug abuse...... i sound like a criminal!! but i am a good nurse! never been to work impaired. i've been traveling since 1992. except in the last 8 mos. since my last arrest 20 months ago, my criminal background has caught up with me. my driving license is still suspended. too scared to take another job for fear of being reported to the bon. i hear it would be better for me to do it myself. i've even considered going back to school and doing something different. but i am damn good at what i do!!! i have to waste all the experience i've gained. i'm one of those travelers you can put in any situation.
    from what i have read on this site, i need a lawyer before going to the board. any suggestions on what type of lawyer to hire? thanks for any info!

    Well, I'll tell you this, a lawyer is likely to cost you between $7,500 - $10,000 to represent you in front of the board!

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    OMG!!!! How do they get away with that kind of behavior!!!!! I thought we fought wars over this sort of tyranny? I'll be sure to AVOID South Carolina when I finish nursing school!!! It's no wonder there is a nursing shortage.

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    Thank you very much. I have been doing that, but obviously need to re focus on the techniques and methods you provided, it's easy to get tied up in the moment during the test and forget to use the techniques learned from practice and Saunders book. So I guess I need to practice the techniques until become reflex. Any other assistance or advice would be very much appreciated!

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    No wonder there is a nursing shortage! It seems like the "Gate Keepers", the nurses that teach the courses, do not want any one else in the field. Of course, if you are liked you can do no wrong, conversely if you are not liked you can do no right. My school has developed another method to keep those individuals out that they do not like, regardless of their test scores, they use ED's (Experiencing Difficulty) which is just basically demerits (like you get in a military academy). One can receive an "ED" for any reason at all (listed under the catch all of professionalism), get 3 in a semester and you have failed the course, even if you have a 98% test average and have accomplished all of the skills with perfection! Oh yeah, and even if you arrive early to class, if the class room door is closed, you're considered late and earn an "ED"

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    I know exactly how you feel, I'm also the only male in the class and must get through the program. The best book I've found is Saunders RN NCLEX review 4th edition. It is broken down by section and has at least 20 questions for each part in the book, plus there is a CD with many more questions also broken down by section, i.e. F & E, OB, Peds etc. Although it is a great book and give you a beet grasp of how the test questions are written and what to look for when answering, it is of no help to my school's tests, my schools exams are at least twice as hard as any NCLEX practice tests I've taken from any book. I attend Midlands Technical College in Columbia, S.C., you almost have to have a couple years experience in the nursing field to answer the school's exam questions. They also appear to have an unwritten rule that NO ONE will pass med surg two or Peds and OB on the first attempt. These courses are in the third semester of clinical course work and have a drop/fail rate of 80%, which the school and instructors are very proud of, for what reason I have no idea, and the school doesn't even have a 100% NCLEX pass rate, only about 95%. I had a 98 average for each course, Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Micro, BIO 240 - Diet and Nutrition, Fundamentals of nursing, Med Surg I until now. I had graduated from my Bachelors degree Magna Cum Laude, but the nursing course I'm in now is eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner. The last test we took last week had an average score of 62 %, which includes everyone who took the test, my school requires an 80% to pass the test. No one passed the first two tests in this third semester. Everyone is failing, which seems to indicate a problem with either the tests or the instructors, not the students.

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    Mycoplasma does not have a cell wall, are highly pleomorphic, may produce filaments (resembling fungus, mykes= fungus) and range in size from 0.1 to 0.25 micrometers, it has a plasma membrane and it is the smallest free living organism, according to our book and my professor. Mycobacterium have cell walls. Here is a site that I found helpful:

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    I'm open to a study group. No one in my class wants to form a study group. Same thing happened in A&P I and II, of course I was one of the few in each course to pass. Both classes started out with about 40 students and ended the semester with only 12 - 15, of those only about 8 passed, 6 of the 8 passed with a "C". I believe a study group will make it easier to earn a good grade.

    What do I need to do to get in on the study group?