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    I am a 35 year old women who found a lump on my neck about 2 months ago. Short version - cat scan found" oviod heterogenous node measuring approx 2.2cm x 1.0 x 2.5 in the AP transverse...", "uncertain whether this node represents an inflam node or other etiology." So based on that I went to an ENT who right away said he thoght I had lymphoma and did a FNA Lab results came back nagative for Malignant cells , mixed lymphoid population with polyp consistent with reactive lymph node. Good news right, well the doctor didn't think the results were right, and wants to do a lyranscopy, and if that comes back ok then he wants ton excise the lymph node. The ENT said with a node that size we need to find out why. What do you think. Can biopsies be that wrong? Should I proceed with futher testing. Any advice will be appreciated as I have been a basket case for a few weeks now!!!