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    Thank you guys for your comments . At this time, I am backing off on looking for FNP work at the moment, for my mental health. Now I job search for an hour or so, 2 times a week, as opposed to all day, every day.

    I had an interview last week and it went well. I will follow up this week. While I wait, I have decided to enjoy my flexibility and book some awesome vacations! I also happened to get accepted to a post masters ACNP program at a school in the Texas medical center for Spring 2018. I am no longer going to let this get me down too much.

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    Quote from chiromed0
    Well, I would say first DON'T GIVE UP. Second, it looks like you're in Houston. I'm north of you and I DO NOT see the same job situation in other Texas metros. In fact, I see the opposite. A "normal" salary offer for a newby is this canned "$95K" to start which I heard everywhere and must have come from
    some idiotic HR factoid resource. At any rate I would scoff at anything below $90K as an NP. I do agree that racking up more credentials is key plus years of experience and EXPERIENCE IN THOSE YEARS! They gotta be able to make money off of you or it just won't work. If you're being passed over then it may be worth while to get some head hunter feedback from the agency you're working with just to see if it's an interview thing you could
    change. If not, then you only need one "yes" for now so don't get discouraged. I'm puzzled at an employer asking you to get your DEA registration, did you not prescribe in your last NP gig? That's a big deal if you didn't b/c I got asked that all the time. It's good that you have it so you can get up and running quick for a new employer otherwise it's sit and wait and they can't use you for much. At any rate, you probably know all that.

    Contrary to what I am reading here I've had a D.O. internist tell me there is NO shortage of physicians really in major cities, just where nobody wants to live in the first place. Probably holds true for midlevels so looking outside the metro may be better. I'm sick of school but I am going to go back and get the RNFA done after having an ortho surgeon tell me that's the ticket b/c you write your own paycheck from billing and basically are a free employee to the ortho. That benefit should be transferable to any location, any state.

    In a nutshell, don't give up just yet. I can see Houston being a little crowded but all Texas metros are getting that way. There are better paying gigs for sure but might take some networking. Get on FB and check some local PA/NP groups. I did and got a few knocks from just dabbling. I'm staying put for now but will use those sources later on. Good luck.
    Thank you!

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    Yes, had I known what I know now, I would have used my critical care experience to do the ACNP track immediately. Because I know there are more jobs that aren't this ridiculous.

    And after being laid off, I am realizing that RNs seem to have way more job security than NPs. This is why I will ALWAYS keep my Agency RN work going. ALWAYSSSS. I'm sure if I had let it go (like alot of NPs do), I would be alot more angry and would have taken that $60k job in a desperate frenzy.

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    I don't even know where to start, to be honest. So I will just ramble (bear with me).

    So I was laid off 3.5 months ago from an NP job that I enjoyed, due to budget cuts. At that time, i wasn't too devastated because I always kept my agency ICU RN gig on the side, and I have been able to resume making a good income ever since my layoff. But at this point, I am beginning to grow really annoyed at the inability to find a respectable NP job.

    I live in an NP saturated city, and even as an NP with over a year of experience, I have placed over 60 applications with very little call backs. I've only been called back 3 times. One was a cardiology NP job and I was passed over due to me having an FNP (I was crushed, even though he loved my Cardiac ICU experience). The second call back I thought I had it in the bag, went though 5 positive interviews, interviewed with the CMO, and they eventually dropped off the face of the earth (after they STRONGLY encouraged me to get my DEA prior to hire.... so I basically paid over $700 to be flaked on, which is my fault at the end of the day, but still... I felt so deceived), and LASTLY there is another job that I am interviewing for that I think is a joke. They are talking about paying $60,000 a year with a FIVE YEAR CONTRACT. I honestly don't know why I am still communicating with them, but at this point, I feel like ANYONE showing interest in me at this point is something, even if the job is pathetic .

    Even all the Locum Tenens places I am looking at are asking for 2 years experience, and I am still not "qualified enough" at 1 year and 3 months. I recently just purchased a home with my spouse and moving isn't an option at the moment, as I help take care of my siblings.

    The job I was laid off from was a low 6 figure income, great perks, etc. and I am angry and disappointed in the lack of options that are out there now for FNPs. I'm not asking for perfection, but i'm seeing too many 6 days a week jobs for 60k-70k a year, which I find to be simply unacceptable. I feel like I fell for the "FNPs can do anything" myth. It is NOT TRUE in my neck of the woods. When looking at jobs now, all that is out there are psych and Acute Care jobs. Even pediatric clinics and OB/Gyns here only want PNPs/WHNPs. There are SO MANY FNPs graduating in my city and many more moving in. I have already put in applications for a few Post Masters AGACNP programs for Spring 2018, to open up my opportunities. I'm even tempted to consider applying for Psych NP, mainly for the $$$ and job opportunities. I'm shocked that employers are even considering asking FNPs to accept $60-80k for 50+ hour work weeks.

    At this time, I am loving my Agency RN work, I always have. At least while I search, I can make my own schedule, work 4 days a week, and take trips without worrying about scheduling. But I still get this sense of 'I NEED to find an NP job soon'. But even headhunters I have contacted have nothing to offer because of the saturation. And I don't want to just settle for ANY job (like the 5 year contract job) that I will absolutely resent.

    Anyway, thanks for taking time out to read this. Is there anyone else that is regretting their FNP or hating the job market where they are and are unable to move???

    Maybe I'm just impatient, or asking for alot, i don't know.

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    I am in Houston, Texas

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    Quote from jjpsychiatry
    Trilldays, I have personal interview with the doc this weekend, will discuss the details of job opportunity. Need your insight regarding the salary range of Psych NP w/ experience in Houston Areas.
    I suppose to work with the psychiatrist group and see patients with psychiatric consult.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

    Hello! i know a couple of people who are doing Psych and they have said that they will look into asking for $110-125k as a new grad Psych NP with no experience.

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    I will say that i did turn down a $116,000 job offer as well (after i signed with this job). I was considering it, but it was more of a traditional clinic with high volume patients. i decided the extra $ wasnt worth the stress.

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    Quote from TicTok411
    I had an offer starting as a new grad at $110K and my instructor said, "That is really low". I thought it was decent.
    what is your specialty? where are you located? $110k is NOT "low" for a new grad NP anywhere, IMO.

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    I put myself through school for my BSN and FNP degree and graduated from both debt free. Let's just say i worked ALL through school and Took no spring break trips. Went to an affordable BSN state school out of town, and went to a state school for FNP school. And i am 28 years old. I thank God everyday i was resourceful and wise at a very young age and was always scared of oweing someone. The school you go to doesnt matter (as long as it isnt a school with a shady reputation). Feel free to ask what i did, as i love sharing my story with others.

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    Oh, and I did turn down a FNP job where I was offered $116,000. Turned it down because it required more local travel than I cared for. So plenty of NPs are making decent pay (at least in the Houston area)

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    i would make approx 85k working four 12 hour shifts as an angency ICU nurse. BUT I just graduated FNP school in the Houston area and was just offered a 40 hour job starting at $105,000. Working less hours for more $ works for me!

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    I dont know about you, but i am into learning hands on skills and procedures. (Stuff that werent focused on in school). I took a trip to PA for a big skills only workshop. It was awesome!!!!

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    So true. Im sure i can suck it up haha. Im just feeling grateful for having a decent new grad offer.

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    [FONT=Open Sans, verdana, sans-serif][COLOR=#000000]Copied and pasted from the page. Just thought i'd share for any fellow new grads looking for an opportunity.[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Matching with the new residency-like program for NPs
    Have you heard of MidlevelU's new residency-like program for nurse practitioners? Midlevels for the Medically Underserved (MMU) matches participating NPs with clinics and hospitals across the country that meet the needs of underserved populations. MMU sites commit to coaching and mentoring less experienced nurse practitioners as well as allowing time for participation in MMU's professional and clinical development curriculum.

    Please check out Erin's article on MidlevelU for the FAQs... I was in the middle of applying, before i was offered a job in my area. The application is pretty straightforward and it's due at the end of the month. Pass it on to whoever you know!

    The link for the article is
    The Site Short List: Midlevels for the Medically Underserved | MidlevelU

    Check it out and good luck!!!!

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    Can they pay for your DEA??? That would be awesome.