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    Quote from wiscbadger
    I never did hear a thing. I finally received a reply back after many calls and emails that they filled the positions. I was hoping for at least an interview but no. Thanks for your input.
    It took me three months to obtain a new graduate packet/new employee packet from HR - I had to call and/or e-mail on a daily basis. I finally got a hold of someone, after the three months... and then it took about four additional months to receive a job offer. I thought that this was just me, but since I've been working here - it's just the VA System.

    What type of unit do you want to work on? The ICU's accept applicants only a couple times a year... and I know that we have positions on the Med/Surg units...

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    Good Morning (depending on where you are)!

    My name is Emily and I'm currently a RN, BSN in the US. I have been interested in moving to Australia for years to be closer to my family [-- Brief History: I went to high school in Japan and moved back to the US for college and work experience, but my family is in Japan... my Japanese is not proficient enough with the healthcare system so Australia has always been a destination in mind.]

    I currently work on a Medical-Surgical/Telemetry/Oncology unit and have three years experience. I have a ONS, CEDS, and TNCC certificates, which most likely means absolutely nothing in Australia.

    I have been reading a lot of threads regarding the AHPRA and varying documents, etc. needed for this transition. I just have no idea where to start? If there are any US-trained RN's that transferred their practice to Australia, I would appreciate any feedback and/or assistance.

    I am interested in Emergency Room nursing and Trauma, but I have no experience. Do I obtain this experience in the States and then debate this life-change or would hospitals hire without experience?

    So many questions, but I guess that I'm ready to start living my goals versus dreaming about them!

    Thank you,

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    I work at the Denver VAMC on the Medical/Telemetry/Oncology Unit.

    As for job satisfaction - it waxes and wanes, like everywhere else (or so I hear!). I have great colleagues that I feel comfortable with on a clinical and personal level. The unit that I work on is high turnover, but if you are used to a high-stress, quick-paced unit - then our Med/Surg will not be far off!

    Pay is good - better than other RN's in the Denver-area. As you know, the VA system has amazing benefits... which is always a plus.

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    I recently attended UCH's TNCC course and found out that UCH was the Trauma I in the Denver-area, but because when they re-built a couple years ago -- they developed the Burn/Trauma Unit and are now the Burn Center for the Rockies... there was some kind of negotiation between Denver Health and UCH regarding the Trauma status and because UCH is the Burn Center - they had DH take the Trauma I status due to the possible influx of patients?

    I know RN's at both DH and UCH (I work at the Denver VA) who are both happy and not so happy - like anywhere.

    Children's Hospital is definitely where you'd want to be if you're interested in Peds/PICU. However, it is very hard to get into. If you know someone at the facility that may help your resume/application move forward - that helps. I graduated with my RN, BSN from an out-of-state univeristy and the only reason that my application was looked at was because the Nurse Recruiter was familiar with my school (she was from Minnesota). I have had friends from MN apply to Children's that have years experience with great recommendations at Gillette's in Minneapolis-St. Paul (an amazing Trauma I/Pedicatric-specific) that were turned away. Per the nursing office, they save positions for Colorado-resident graduates... which is great for them - not so great for the transient RN.

    Hope this helps!

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    You're welcome -- in all honesty, I would like to help as much as I can. It was very time-consuming process and if I can help -- great!

    I am also intersted in Psych nursing and I my primary Psych experience is with children and adolescents (there are not many of us!). If you want to stay with Psych -- I would definitely look into The Children's Hospital at Fitzsimmons in Aurora. I have been in contact with the HR department since September and have come to know a couple of the Nurse Managers quite well. I know for a fact that, currently, the Adolescent Psych Unit is in need for staff.

    I will be working at the VA hospital on the Psych floor. I chose this position due to the uncomparable benefits that the VA offers -- I start this Sept. (I recently passed my NCLEX -- Good Luck!)

    Overall, as you know -- Psych positions are available... Like we both know, not many individuals find Psych to be their "dream job." I should see no problem with your search if you are interested in Psych. When applying, most facilities were very eager to hear about my experiences and internship.

    If you have any other questions -- let me know. I am currently in Chicago and am making my move in a couple weeks. Hopefully we're making the right move!


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    Hey snowboardingROCKS,
    I had the same problem. You would think that being a BSN out-of-stater would help you? I had contaced various HR departments, initally, almost a year ago -- they said the same thing. There are only a small amount of positions available to non-local new graduates. Bummer. I recently was offered a New Grad position for February. It's the time of the year when they have the least amount of local applicants. However, Ieven though I have already accepted other positions -- they nurse recruiter advised me to keep in contact and possibly transfer in Feb. if I am unhappy with my position. So, that was pretty sweet.

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    I, too, graduated with my BSN from MN -- have my IL-RN license with an endorsement for a CO license.

    I have received various job offers -- but with some extensive networking and tenacious phone calls to the HR department. After much deliberation I finally accepted two of the offers (one being a new grad program, the other a part-time/PRN position).

    Still, I somewhat resent your comment. I have been in contact with five hospitals in the metro-Denver area since Sept. 2007. All of them stated that although my resume is impressive, they are more apt to hiring new graduate students from within the Denver-area (whether it be due to student experience within their facility, or an agreement to hire from a specific university). I have been determined, as well as the fact that I present myself very well and have a solid nursing background (internships, Capstone placement, etc.)...but my search was still overwhelming...

    Congratulations on your position and good luck.

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    Where are you interested in working? I would love to help anyone -- I had a pretty hard time, so... if I can make it easier for you, I will try!

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    Oh & just a quick thing:

    They do not pay for all student loans if you are hired. You must apply for such money -- if you are not qualified, you will not get the reimbursement. Your position has to be difficult to fill in order for your tuition to be reimbursed.

    My friend is working for the VA in Minneapolis/St. Paul and they had promoted this program to her when she was interviewing. We went to a very expensive (& over-priced!) school and she needed this money. However, when she went into work her first day and they went over the qualifications -- she did not meet them. depends on your job placement. Needless to say, she was pretty upset.

    When I went into my interview the Nurse Manager clearly stated that I needed to be qualified -- so at least there was no confusion.

    Good luck with the VA!

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    I know that this is an old thread...but I'm just writing to tell you that I am a new Grad... I just graduated in May and had my interview with the VA in June. It took me 6 weeks, 4 phone calls, 4 voicemails, and 2 e-mails to finally get a resoponse from the Nurse Recruiter. I had an interview and I heard back from the Nurse Manager stating I should be getting a phone call in the next few days from HR with a (hopefully!) offer.

    Just be persistent. I literally harassed, haha. If you do not have your license yet (I don't -- I just took my NCLEX yesterday), then you can apply as a Graduate Nurse Technician -- although I have heard that the Denver VA does not hire GNT's often.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah - I just graduated with my BSN in May and have been researching the ASU DNP program for Psychiatric/Mental Health. The only problem is -- the program doesn't start until 2009. They are currently taking applications though...

    I have completed part of my application. So, in the meantime I am planning on working for the VA system and having them pay for my DNP and Forensics MS.

    Are you planning on attending this coming year?

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    Hey! I just graduated this past May from a college in MN. I have been searching for positions in Colorado since last September.

    What I've found -- as an "out-of-stater," is that it is VERY difficult to get Graduate Nurse positions. I had applied to various hospitals: The Children's Hospital, University of Colorado (the Grad Nurse Residency Program), Denver-VAMC, and Swedish Medical. I have received phone calls from all four, but with the U of C and The Children's Hospital -- they have positions set aside for students that either graduated with the U of C Nursing school, OR other RN students that completed their clinical at those hospitals. the U of C GNRP is very, very competitive anyway -- but I had a meeting with the recruiter this spring (to check out the Denver-area) and she informed me that the hospital has prior commitments to its former student.

    AKA, it really sucks for people like us.

    I have looked into Job Fairs and all that, but like I said...when you're out-of-state, it's A LOT harder. I've literally harassed the HR departments (not a "bad" harassing, haha, but shows that you're really interested -- or, for I've been told ) to ensure that I would keep my name on file, etc.

    I have been to Colorado twice in the past 6 months for interviews. I am pretty sure I have a job at the VA (pending my NCLEX results, Eek) and I actually have a phone interview with another brand-new center this afternoon. I have never lived on the west-coast, so this is a complete adventure.

    So, I have no idea if this is helpful...haha, I'm sorry if it isn't. Just be persistent. I felt like a stalker, but I got the interviews I needed! Trust me, I totally know that feeling.

    When are you planning on moving out there? I will be out there this September, I hope (another thing that's pending until I find out my NCLEX results). If you need any other information -- let me know. I've accumulated many phone numbers and contacts in the past few months.