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    Thank you so much miss suzanne for your reply. I'll take your advice.

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    Hi guyz! newbie here, Im so glad that a friend of mine told me about this site. Its very informative. I have some questions to ask, hopefully you can help me out. Here's my situation, Im now preparing all the necessary requirements for the application of RN licensure exam (Ca.), but then all my documents are still under my maiden name (TOR, license from Phil). I got married last feb and was able to adjust my status and received my greencard recently under my married name. To prevent confusions on my docs and application Im planning to apply under my maiden name, so my question is i have my SSN now under my married name, do I need to put my SSN on my application or just leave in blank since Im using my maiden name and also Im doing my live scan fingerprinting using on Friday, do I need also to write down my SSN number? Thanks... Hope you can enlighten me.