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    I work as a FNP to a Physiatrist at a HealthSouth location and I love it. First job as a NP and I'm learning a lot about rehab medicine in addition to managing acute and chronic illnesses.

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    I started last month. It's one of the most rewarding positions in nursing. It requires a lot of intuitive thinking and knowledge base. I think I'm going to sail through FNP clinicals due to this position. If you have the opportunity to apply, I say go for it.

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    First off, I am new to this site but I have been observing and getting advice from it for a couple years now...It is very helpful....I took the NCLEX RN exam on Wednesday and you could not tell me that I didnt have a high chance of failing...I felt like I made a lot of careless and known mistakes, that would cost me in the end....The first 50 questions were a breeze (+ or - a few), but after my break, I felt slammed with priority, pharm and infection control questions. Then the BIG "thing" happened. I saw question 76!!! I paniced & then I tried to get it together... Of course most of it were drugs and diseases I have not really heard of...I stop counting questions but I think it stopped between 115-125....My anxiety has been so high for the past two days, that I couldnt function....I've never been so stressed and cried as much in my life....At 8 AM, I found out my fate: I PASSED . I feel like the world is lifted off my shoulders.

    Study Tips:
    -I attended a Live Hurst Review. It was an intense 4 day course that teaches you how to take the NCLEX exam and review core material.

    -I went through a Kaplan NCLEX strageties book because I was told their live review was awesome; so I figured the book would be just as beneficial.

    -I used Prentice Halls Comprehensive NCLEX review. It has about 5400 questions on a CD and hundreds of questions in the book. It is structured around the NCLEX testing method. "FYI: The first 50 questions were less complex because of the material I reviewed from this book." It was AWESOME. I practiced pharm, priority and delegation from this book.

    -I utilized my Sauders comprehensive NCLEX review book that I purchased the first semester of nursing school to practice taking an exam of 265 questions (you should do that at least a couple times, just in case).

    -I also checked out a New format NCLEX review book to answer alternate check-all-that-apply questions, to prepare myself for those.

    I went through a minimum of 150-400 plus questions a day for weeks :typing and noted material I was weak in to review starting 4 days before the exam....It was intense, but I wanted to get it right the first time.....Hope this helps....Good luck to all!!!

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    I passsed!!!! Im a Registered Nurse now!!! Thank God!!! NCLEX was the most stressful thing I've ever done but it was all worth it.....

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    Ok, I will. Thanks a lot...

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    Hello all...I completed the NCLEX-RN exam on wed. and I have been a complete mess every since. I made so many careless mistakes and 2nd guessing myself that it makes my anxiety about failing even worse. I didnt answer the dosage the way the bold print told me to, so I carelessly missed 2 simple dosage and I had sooooo many priority questions and I feel like I guessed on 98% of them. I apprecitate websites such as this because I have been reading comments for the last 2 days & it makes me feel like I am not the only one going through a rough waiting period. I have been crying since the test and I am so full of extreme anxiety that I cant think straight. I have an hour and 20 min's to determine my fate and I'm so scared at this point.