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    Sehsun... I was looking into the program I was wondering if you can give me some information on it since you have completed it. Any info you can give me I'd greatly appreciate it. I am going to the info session on Friday.

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    I just took the NCLEX-PN here in Florida and I got the maximum 205 questions!!! I think I failed because I was unsure about all my answers for about more than half the test! I only got 2 med math questions and 1 of them I know I DEFINETLY got wrong! Isn't that a low amount of math questions to get?? I keep reading posts people previously made and it looks like the people that passed only had the 85 questions. I'm pretty frustrated and upset at how the whole test went. I guess I will find out in 48 hours.... it's going to be the longest 48 of my life.