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    I can relate...was charged impaired on duty...found guilty by BoN...never, ever flunked a UA(more than a dozen taken including one on the night of the initial report)...couldn't afford the testing required by the probation ..and just recently had my license stripped for a year...after 17 years of lauded service...what do I do now?....anyone else ever been subjected to unrelenting, unreasonable BoN?

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    careful who we call addicts...I know a nurse reported by her staff for being under the influence while on duty...never failed a drug test(more than 12 taken in a years time)...found to be guilty by the state BoN...and had her license suspended by the board because she couldn't afford to pay for the tests mandated by probation program...cleared by two different addictionologists saying no drug or alcohol abuse she can't work at all and a twenty year career is ruined...who is to say she shouldn't be allowed to work after her year of suspension is done.