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    that most of us in the part time program are late bloomers, older and with other responsibilities, it was hard to get it (harder than the full time, transitional and accelerated), so we take it very seriously. None of us want to wait a whole year to re-take the class (program opens once a year).
    Exactly. Not to mention that late-bloomers are generally more serious, responsible, and know that nursing (or whatever they may be doing) is what they want to do with their lives.

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    I have yet to begin nursing school, but I just finished getting my BA in music from a UC. I was a transfer student--in at 25, out at 27--so I was a good deal older than almost all of the undergrads and many of the grad students. Cell phones going off during class are a pet peeve of mine and I consider it to be high treason, and as previous posters have mentioned, some professors have strict policies about cell phones. One went so far as to pass around a smashed phone that purportedly went off during class once and threatened, "Don't let this happen to you." The music department was one of the notorious places on campus that got horrible reception so it wasn't a problem there, but in other classes--Greek, and the geololgy department in particular--there would be occasional transgressions. I'd feel just awful for the professor and embarrassed for the student.
    Tardiness was more of an issue, or simply not coming at all. I think that has more to do with age than the cell phone problem since kids don't take class too seriously, that they feel they can get by without attending; as long as they do the assignments and reading they'll be fine. Hmph, yeah right. Although not disruptive, in some ways, that's worse than the cell phone crime as an affront to the prof. Hell, I had outpatient surgery on my foot one morning and *still* attended class at 10.00, a bit out of it on propofol or versed or whatever they gave me.

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    Thanks Bri, for the info and encouragement.
    I know there's orientation at NU tomorrow and I've left a couple messages for people (unfortunately later than I would have liked). I have work tomorrow in the morning and am not sure about either the time or locale of the orientation. If you (or anyone else) knows the details, I'd greatly appreciate a posting, if you can, before tomorrow. It's not the end of the world if not though; I'm not going to be attending the prog. for a little while, but thought it would be a good idea to pick up some much glossed-over information.

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    Hey everyone,
    I just spent a couple of hours reading postings on NU and other BSN programs in San Diego (where my parents live, thus saving much-needed cash for nursing school). I'll be getting my BA from UCSC (eh Surfbri?) in the spring and although my major is pretty time-consuming, I'm hitting myself now for not having taken any prerequisites in the recent past. I'm going to try knocking as many as I can out of the way now, but at UC there are prerequisites to take the prerequisites for nursing, e.g. microbiology requires that I take biochem, which requires o-chem, and intro bio with labs (ok, did the latter in community college, but still...). So I'm going to try taking physio and anatomy at the local CC, Cabrillo--but not this quarter since UCSC starts Sept. 20 and Cabrillo starts next week.
    I understand that National has programs that start four times per year. Does anyone happen to know what the approximate application due dates are for each? (National doesn't give much info on its website). Is it still true about all the waiting to hear from NU? That may give me time to catch up with things.

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    >I don't know about programs in Ca but have you considered a >direct entry masters in nursing?

    Well, I'm about to get my BM in Music, so direct-entry is not exactly applicable.
    I've never heard of PA school. Do tell.

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    Hello all,
    I'm a California resident and am curious about good BA to BSN programs. I'm pretty sure I want to get my BSN because I would eventually like to end up with a masters or an NP. Obviously, staying in state would be the cheapest, but I'm amenable to going out of state. I'd rather not do the online thing because I don't think I'd learn as well and would lose time in gaining identity as a nurse. Thoughts?