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  • Jan 19 '14

    Contact NAON --->

  • Oct 15 '12

    americanTrain and JammyPam -

    Thank you do much for your comments!

  • Sep 28 '12

    If one were to read the Constitution one would realize that the Constitution does not grant anyone freedoms, liberties, or rights. The Constitution only protects freedoms, liberties, and rights from transgressions on part of the government. A right is something that is inherent to the individual, comes from that individual, and is maintained by the individual. You are born with such rights like the right to speak freely, the only thing that can be done to that right is to have it infringed. No one can grant a right to another, only limit or impede the exercise of that right.

    Healthcare is a human invention that does not exist in the natural environment. Only through the work of others and through the taking of resources from one party and giving to another does healthcare exist. You cannot force someone to give effort and resources to another and call that a right. In the absence of human intervention the individual would live their lives and succumb to the natural forces which would act upon their bodies.

    Do I think we should provide preventative care and basic primary care? Sure. Do I think that we can? Maybe. Do I think that healthcare is a basic human right? Absolutely not.

  • May 9 '11

    I know corporate nurses like that. They come in swinging and screaming and acting like Hitler. Then in the next breath talks about treating people with respect. Do as I say not as I do. I wish some of them could be filmed so they could see how they really act.
    Fortunately, I do not have one of those right now. I like my current corporate nurse. She is respectful. She offers advice and I call her when I just need to hash things out.

  • Apr 12 '11

    Believe you'll be eligible for UC benefits. You were beyond the 90-day probationary period and were coerced into quitting. This was not a voluntary resignation.

    Be happy you're out of there. Continue to learn.

    Good luck in your next position!

  • Apr 10 '11

    Quote from americanTrain
    Im done with management, forever! Not worth the stress, not to mention having your license on the line at any given moment. Even if you do the best that you can, know the rules and regs, have excellant staff. There is always someone willing to step in and take it all away. No wonder that place has has 4 DONs in the last year. I guess they fire them every quarter. I was told that if we didnt make our bonus, that someone would be fired. And they wanted me to do all of the marketing. Its not my fault that our census wasnt what it should have been. Eveyone has to market. Hey, at 3:00pm, guess where every department manager was? In their cars going home. While I stayed at the bldg until 7:00
    helping out in the dining room. Now theres thanks for ya.

    As far as state surveyors go, dont care if I ever see another one. While they were in our bldg, one dumped her coke in my lap, didnt even appologize while I was getting up to get paper towels, they all just sat there and stared at me. One just stood there with hand on hips while watching a resident fall. Did not make a move to assist me at all. No one else around.
    Luckily I got help. Im sure theyre not all this way, but from what Ive seen on the boards here, most of them think they hang the moon. Ive heard stories of them dumping water in residents beds, just to make someone do pericare, and tagging a facility for not having shaved a womens legs. Whatever! I guess if they cant find it, that make it happen.

    Yes, Iam finally mad. Having been forced into resigning from a job that I had no intention of leaving. Now I cant even draw unemployment? In my area, nursing jobs are scarce, most nurses I know are working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I did make an appointment to see an attorney on Monday, just to know where I stand on getting some assistance until I can get another job. They were going to fire me , but I was forced into resigning.
    Oh, you are the dining room DON. I remember reading that thread and feeling they were trying to get rid of you. They were so disrespectful to you at THAT time...listen, DON and all managers, need very thick skin and have to know how to stickup for themselves.

    The business is brutal. When they start demoting your duties (dining room) it is time to look for a new job. It never comes out of the blue, it is a gradual process. Be glad you are gone and yes, file for unemployment. They will give you a hearing. Tell them what you told us and I am sure they will rule in your favor. Good luck. Peace!

  • Mar 11 '11

    Congrats, and I hope they are true to their words. You sound ready and are going into with eyes wide open.. Nothing beats that.

  • Jan 3 '11

    whatever you decide to do you will be great, because you CARE! that is the most important quality. maybe sometimes, new blood is needed and your background in med/surg is a plus. My DON friend told me that a lot of her job is fiscal mgmt. I say safe mgmt and i know she feels the same way. she puts in lots of hours, but i think at the end of the day feels good about the outcome. A team that pulls together and has the same values is such an asset. good luck in whatever you decide. sharon

  • Nov 13 '10

    american train, if i may be blunt, it sounds as though "they" don't want you there or at best "they" don't want you as the don.

    you may need your clinical nurse above you to get things resolved if this is a coporate building. i would, as suggested, speak with the admin, adon in private and air these differences.

    please have all your facts in writing so you may be effective with dates, times, etc. as well as all job descriptions in hand.

    i really do wish you well.

  • Nov 11 '10

    First of all your adon is an adon or a mds nurse.
    Stop right now. You work 40 hours a week, more if needed ie; state is in house etc...otherwise you are being paid 2 dollars per hour. Do what you can in those 40 or even 45 hours...I would put the treatment nurse on an assignment if staffing was challenged and the nurses would do their own treatments. Do you have a central supply clerk? If she is a stna make her assist with the scheduling. Before I am pulled to the floor all of the staff under me in other positions will be pulled first. Your job is everything to do with delgegation, you cannot possibly do everything yourself. The mds/adon is probably overwhelmed with mds 3.0 there needs to be clarity on her position and title. The administrator can take over following up on family and resident concerns/complaints, this is not just for the DON and the adon can assist. YOU ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. I would immediately cut my hours back and start spending more time at home period. Your adon/mds nurse sounds like a crybaby to me. Your PCC needs to assume of the duties as well she could probably help more with QA and patient rounds, then your rounding could be focused more on the staff. IF you can't get some of these folks to take the slack get out!

  • Jul 8 '10

    Management will tell you that to squeeze every last drop out of you. Then they will toss you out with the garbage.....You mean nothing to the powers that be. It does not make you popular to say "No." I found that out, too....but you HAVE to be willing to say "Sorry, I'd love to, but I can't." Firmly. Hospice is not 'a way of life'. It is rewarding and important, and at the end of the day I know I've done something worth while. But it is a job when all is said and done. Your family (and mine, for that matter) is way more important. If your employer is unwilling to understand that, then it's time to find a new job. I took a stand with my employer, knowing I could well lose my job, but it worked out for me. If it hadn't, I was prepared to quit this hospice and find another one. I'm NOT going to sacrifice my sanity and my family's happiness for an employer that sees me as an expendable commodity.

  • Jul 8 '10

    personally, i think it's a load of crap...
    that we hospice nurses are such martyrs, that we forsake ourselves and all others, just to remain altruistic and available?
    more than any other specialty, we need to define and implement boundaries, or burnout will occur far too prematurely.

    i have rn after my name, not dm (doormat).


  • Apr 3 '10

    If the hospice medical director and case manager do not agree that a swallow study is appropriate for this patient it will not be ordered. If the family feels strongly that it needs to be done they will have to revoke their hospice benefit, or arrange to have it done in a fashion which will allow them to pay for it themselves.

    Have you tried inviting the family member (presumably the MDPOA?) to an IDT meeting?

  • Apr 3 '10

    WHy put a patient through the test when we already know the outcome? Your facility would incur the cost as it is directly related to patients terminal diagnosis. you are doing right by thickening fluids as most folks get choked on thin liquids. Doing the swallow study is outside your plan of care, they can be discharged--have the swallow study done, then put them back on is what it is, patient is following the normal course for end stage dementia.

  • Apr 8 '09

    You sound as if you are getting very burned out by taking a "give, give, give" approach to your job. You need to preserve your sanity by "taking" so time off for yourself so that you can develop a healthy perspective.

    Once you get a little rest ... set up an appointment with your supervisor to take of the 90-day evaluation thing. Don't just wait for her to come to you and then get angry and hurt because she is distracted by other things. Make an appointment with her. Shedule it if it is important to you.

    How are your relationships with your co-workers? Have you made any friends? Ask them whether or not it is usual for your boss to NOT give the evals as scheduled. If that's her pattern for most employees, then don't take the fact that she hasn't given you one personally. Find out what is usual for your department. Find a mentor ... or at least a friend that you can talk to in your workplace.

    But first ... take a little time off for yourself and get some rest, fresh air, exercise, etc. No one can think clearly without that sort of thing.