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    Hi BlueKat and Welcome!

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    Thanks for your replies. It seems as though most professions have a great deal of paper work. I don't mind doing the paper work, I just hate when I have to bring it home.

    [you will "take home" your job in the sense you will replay what you said/did not say and did/did not do.]

    Purplemania, I agree with you 100%. I often bring my job home, replaying the day's events in my mind. I walk on egg shells when dealing with my students because I don't want to say something that could "damage" them in the future. As a nurse, you must have a whole different set of circumstances to deal with. I applaud anyone in the medical field.

    Heidi, I'm curious, what turned you away from teaching.

    [But we MUST finish all the charting before we leave, no matter what plans we have after work!]

    WhiteCaps, are nurses paid OT if charting isn't completed by the end of the shift?

    I plan to contact my local hospital on Monday to see if I can volunteer to get a feel for what direction I want to take in the medical field.

    Thanks for all your responses and have a good day.

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    I'm currently a third grade school teacher. I absolutely love working with the children. However, I spend more time doing paper work, grading papers, atteding meetings, etc. rather than actually teaching. I've always wanted to pursue a career in medicine-- just uncertain what direction I want to go in. Right now nursing is one of my top choices. I'm just curious, are there any former teachers who have changed careers and gone into nursing?

    As a school teacher, I put in a lot of unpaid overtime during the week and on weekends. I can't remember the last time I came home without some type of work to complete. I hope this doesn't sound like a crazy question, but do nurses take home assignmets to complete at home?

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.