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    also her reason for not passing me was because i mispronouced a medication.. metformin.. but i had said metaformin???? like OOOh my gooodness.. and she said i has time issues.. but if i can do vitals, give am meds, head to toe assessment, am care , dress & have my pt up within 25mins... i think i have pretty damn good time management skills.. my clinical instructor was flexing her power... and she was originally in school for RN but supposily dropped out & became an LPN.. but seriously i think she might have been kicked out because she started going out of her way to be rude to me as soon as i told her that my career long term goal was to eventually be a nurse practioner that worked with children with special needs... and ever since then she had made comments to me like "you know if the LPN get a bigg enough raise you wont have to go back to school" or "you know going back to school after you done your LPN is a waste of you time". as a clinical instructor dont you think she should be happy that i want to continue my education, not hinder me from it?????

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    hey, are there any briging programs in alberta besides Athebasca?? because i know the U of A & Grant Macewan canceled theres

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    i have spoken to my clinical instructor MANY times, inreggards to if i may have upset her or if there was even a personality conflict, and i said was "have i done anywrong do disrespect you in the last week or two, cause if i have i would greatly appricate it if you could tell me so i can understand why there is so much tension & we can move from here" and then in her notes to my college after we had that discussion shes states quote "i was questioning her ability to be an instructor"... she totally twisted my words around .. .. since the 4th day of clinical she has been on my case 24/7 telling me to quit, but i have stood strong and told her NOO i have worked this hard til now and im not going to give up when i'm almost finished. i had told my college this and they did questioned her, but she denines it and that is why i was given a re-evaluation, and my re-evaluation is the total opposite to what she was grading me as.
    she has also harassed me by stating i have a eating disorder because i have such a small stature, so what is im small boned i eat 12 small meals a day VS 3 big meals its actually healthier for you. SHe has also made comments to me like "Wow isnt it gross how skinny people can suck in there gutt soo much it looks like there ribs are going to pop".
    She has also broken the rules of confidentuallity because she was discussing my progress with my peers & questioning them about my abilities & my learning disability which is noo bodies bussiness.
    which brings me to, the most degrading this a clinical instructor can do to a student, I have a learning disability, which she was well aware of. My clinical instructor whom was never prepared, told me that she did have the time nor did she want to make the time to meet my learning needs, she prohibited me from bringing my accomidation palm pilot with me to clinical, which is pretty much like my bilble and the college did state i was allowed to bring it because the government had approve it. and when i spoke to college about all that has beening going on, they basically told me that she was the eyes of the college & she had stated i was learning my learning disability as a excuse, which is no true because i have one of the highest GPA's in the my graduating class, i have noo grades below an 80%.

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    I have just finished clincial, and my clinical instructor harassed me & bilittle me in everyway possible, i have spoken to my college whom has nothing and has just told me to stop giving excuses. also to top it all off my clinical instructor managed to give me a failing mark for my clinical even though i was given an A+ for my second evaluation and told me that it was irelevent.. My rights as a canadian student nurse have been violated, what should i do?? who should i talk to? somebody please help me