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  • Jan 14 '16

    Too many unanswered questions. Did you really want to leave this job or were you encouraged to leave?
    An inexperienced nurse with fragile confidence pushed out of good job probably would grieve more than an experienced nurse feeling relief at escaping a hellish job situation.

  • Jul 18 '13


    Your post is about the only thing today that has not made me want to puke on my study material. I test on Friday!!

    Thanks for sharing

  • Jul 18 '13

    Quote from maleRN444
    So I gather there really is not a set timeframe for the names to appear. It could be 2 days or it could be 2 weeks. Sigh....

    Exactly! Haha. It doesn't make sense but hopefully the PVT is correct and it can keep us from going out of our minds during the wait, right? I've started taking sleeping pills the last few weeks since NCLEX because, I can't sleep and then end up not being able to function at work...

  • Jun 9 '12

    Hey gang,

    I interviewed wednesday after working a 12 the night before. Not the best idea but it seemed to go quite well. Praying for everyone who interviewed. Don't stress, be confident in where God has brought you and where he is leading you. Take care!

  • May 15 '12

    thanks for starting this thread, i applied on monday morning and have constantly been checking the status of the application as well . here are my details!

    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]1) external candidate
    2) no healthcare related work experience besides clinical
    3) 24
    4) bsn may 2012
    5) arizona state university
    6) arizona
    7) i don't know how to go back and look at the talentmine scores
    8) no email for interview yet!

  • Jul 25 '08

    Quote from AlliCat23
    Hi All!

    Okay....I've finally got everything worked out re: school.

    I have been deferred to Spring! Woohoo! Let's keep in touch over Fall.

    Congrats and good luck to everybody enrolling next month! If you survive organizing everything you need to get done before 8/25 can then get through the first month of class/clinical, everything will settle down and you'll be in the groove.


    Oh that's great that everything worked out. AND now you know what to expect to have done before orientation for the spring. . And not rush like us. Haha.

  • Jul 24 '08

    I'm sure its something you just get used to (wiping butts that is) I hardly think its anything any nurse enjoys doing, just something you have to do. I wonder how you control the gag reflex though?


  • Jul 21 '08

    Alli - Its good to hear that they are willing to work with you. It'll all work out the way its supposed to.

    And thanks for sharing the info about what is expected in terms of payment on Wednesday.

  • Jul 19 '08

    Thanks Allicat, but I'm sure you'll get the financial aid info worked out. I'd rather get in because someone decided to go to San Marcos or elsewhere than because of a situation like yours! I'm confident that if I don't get in now, I'll be fine for January because I am finishing up micro and doing well so my science GPA will be boosted. Congrats to all of you again.

    Nikki- I called them as soon as I saw I was an alternate because I really needed more info. Suzanne wouldn't tell me where I was on the list because they are not allowed, but she said from what she has seen I have a "good chance." She didn't want to say anything more detailed because she didn't want to get my hopes up and have this be the first semester where everyone accepts. Also, she said that most of the people who will decline do so in the first two weeks. It's still an uneasy feeling, but good luck! I hope we both manage to squeeze in!

    Well Suzanne told me I should go to the open house because quite a few alternates have made it in past semesters so I'll see all of you on Wednesday!

  • Jul 18 '08

    Quote from AlliCat23
    Don't get me started on the whole financial aid process! I had PAID off an old law school loan but it still shows up on NSLDS! Been dealing with various agencies for the last five months. Unbelievable how the government's right hand doesn't let the left hand know what's going on for fear of losing it's power position.

    OU can't offer ANY financial aid (not even loans) until the NLSDS records are cleared. Again.... have been trying to get it cleared for 5 months! Banks, the govmt, and all involved ADMIT that it's their fault for not updating the info back in 2005, but for some unknown reason, getting the correct info onto NSLDS has been impossible!

    So for the gal who is an alternate.....if the govt does get it's act together before school just MAY get my space. There'd be absolutely no hard feeling directed towards you....'cuz "everything always works out for our own best interest whether we can see it at the time or not" if I may quote my own earlier post.

    But, I'm not going down without now threatening/pursuing a lawsuit if I have to. (recall that the paid school loan still showing up was from attending law school!)

    Okay...I'm only human...NOW I'm starting to get worried! Wouldn't that just be "something" to get accepted for the Fall term, but unable to attend because of a FAFSA/NSLDS record mix-up?! Eventually, it'll all get worked out, but it may not be "in my time" as usual. I may HAVE to wait until Spring, depending on how OU decides to deal with the issue. Yet another test of Faith and Fortitude....aaaaarrrggh.

    All positive thoughts/prayers for my continued positive attitude in this matter would be much appreciated. :bowingpur

    I'm sorry for your situation but perhaps there is a way...have you looked into bank loans for the first semester? I got a Medcap loan from WellsFargo, which is paying a big portion of my school loans, it is considered the "alternative loan" that OU considers as part of the loan. Look into that before giving up your spot...I'm sure it will all work out. Good luck!

  • Jul 17 '08

    What a bummer! A girlfriend of mine just e-mailed me and said she heard OU acceptance letters were being mailed out tomorrow. I'm not sure where she heard that from. She is meeting, or has already met with Kennessa today, to go over pre-ap stuff.. I'll find out more info and let everyone know. From what Renee found out, it looks like we'll have to wait another week!