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    1)how can a nurse find out if the patient has phlebitis?
    2)Impaired bowel elimination r/t colostomy bag 2ary to colon cancer. Is there any errors w/ that nsg dx.?
    3)if packed blood cells have clots in the bag, what should the nurse do- should she sent it back to lab; inject heparin to take away the clots?
    4)how do you do heparin push?Inject saline first & then heparin?or?
    5)Pt. smoked 1 pack a day ciggarrette before surgery. After surgery nurse would assess the patien for cardiac dysrhythmia, resp. secretions, or?
    6)Why should a nurse orient a pt to the equipment on admission?

    Please help me.. I have more..

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    Hi everyone..I need help for discharge teaching on a stroke pt. Her admitting Dx to rehab hospital is acute ischemic stroke. Has right side weakness. Her past Dx are-DM,HTN,ESRD, And hx of 2 CVAs, cocaine and tobacco abuse. Has AV graft on right forearm. Takes lovenox for DVT hemodialysis. uses hemiwalker. I am doing METHOD teaching-Medication,environment,treatments,health knowledge of disease,outpt/inpt referrals, & diet.
    I have few stuffs to write but just thought i wud get different ppls ideas too so i can add if im missing something. Thank you so much.