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  • Mar 20 '11

    I would like to recommend a book called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. The four agreements are these: Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Always do your best. It may not be for everyone but I find a lot of knowledge and truth in this book. It may help you in situations such as your previous employer as well as every day life.

  • Mar 20 '11

    I apologize, but I haven't read all of the above posters.

    Do you do clinical prep the night or morning before clinical? In my second semester clinical my instructor had us do a prep sheet that REALLY helped all of us with our 'critical thinking skills'.
    We would list all of these things in two columns:

    -Medications & Fluids..................-Medical Diagnoses
    -Focused Assessments................-Related Tests/Labs (Hi, Lo, WNL)
    -Complications (S/s)....................- Applicable Nursing Diagnoses (3)
    -Therapies /Treatments............... - Patient teaching/Nursing Interventions

    Anyway we would list all of the things we would do under each category & then draw lines to everything it relates to. The sheet looks crazy with all sorts of lines going everywhere. (usually I try to color code everything by system) But really it helps you VISUALIZE all of the connections that your instructor expects you to be making in your head. That way when your instructor asks you why something is being done you can say because of X, Y & Z with confidence.

    If you would like an example of what I am talking about I would be happy to scan an example sheet & send it to you. Good Luck!

  • Apr 24 '09

    This is the cause of the vast majority of everyone's pet peeve in this thread: passive aggressive attitudes.

    Recurring theme: Nurse comes in at shift change, but grabs a coffee and starts chatting for xx minutes before reporting on. If you see them doing that, tell them that you need for them to start working at their shift starting time, or track them down when you are ready to report off and report off to him/her. Getting upset about it and venting about it on a forum isn't going to help much.

    Call out nurses that are late. You're always going to be at least partially responsible for the environment in which you work, so don't sit and stew about little things, because they do become big issues the longer they stew.