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    Hi Everyone

    I am currently at Maric College in Stockton doing the Medical Assistant Program and will graduate in April 2009.

    I want to become an RN but I want to do it at a university, particulary UCSF.
    Is anybody currently going there, or gone there in the past?
    What kind of pre-requisites do they require?

    Most here in stockton go to Delta College but I dont want to go there, it seems almost like a highschool to me.

    Thank you, hope you all are doing well out there.

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    Hi Everybody!

    Tomorrow is my first day of college and I'm really nervous. I'm a natrually shy and nervous person to begin with so even more so for this.

    I really want to do well and be the Valedictorian and so I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me because I am also going to get my GED at the same time. (Because I'm from another country and was homeschooled I need to get the GED)

    Are there any tips and advice about what I can do to acheive my goal by those who have been there?
    I am 24 and the last time I was in school was 6 yrs ago.

    I am doing the Medical Assistant program and then after I graduate I plan to go onto RN.

    I'd appreciate anything you can tell me

    Thank you!!:heartbeat

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    Thank you for your relpy!

    From what I've been told the one I'm going to is planning on introducing the LVN program this November and the RN program later as the other Maric Colleges have both, - although which ones do and which ones don't I do not know.

    I also heard that I would be able to transfer my credits to the University of Phoenix who do have the RN program.
    I have a friend who is planning on becoming an RN as well and she is also going to do the MA course with me so I'll find out what she plans to do and work something out, but for now I'll just focus on the MA and do my best.

    You graduated top of your class? Well done!
    That is what my goal is and your mentioning it inspired me further.

    Where did you go after Maric - did you do your LVN then RN or did you go straight for the RN? How many years do you have left and how are you finding it?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Everyone! It is so great to have this community to come to, I'm sure I will be in here quite often!

    I would like to know if anybody here has graduated from Maric College?

    I am going to be doing the course to become a Medical Assitant and then an RN.
    I am starting in 2 weeks and I am soooo excited!! The college is very very clean, very nice and the staff are very friendly.
    I like how there are only 20 people per class and I have to admit I do like the uniform (green scrubs)

    I am very grateful to have a very supportive husband who believes in me more than I believe in myself.

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    I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Sometimes people become jealous when they see us doing something they can't.

    I am new in the USA so fortunately i won't have to face that.

    Perhaps in time your friend will come around. She should not give up if it is her dream, many are rejected but do not give up and later become not only good nurses, but exellent ones.

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    Have you tried Maric College? You can do their Medical Assitant program and that gives you the prerequisites to become a nurse.

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    I'm going to Maric College to become a Medical Assistant. It takes 8 months and then i'm going to enrol in their nursing program.