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    There was a time in my life where I would have posted, YES! YES! YES! Now I find myself advising young people to think long and hard. Nursing was not a flexible career. Yes, there were choices. I feel they come at a price. It is a wonderful career if you are married and can work part-time. I worked for 20 long, hard years as a nurse. I made a conscious choice to change careers. I got very tired of working almost every holiday, weekends and having to rotate to nights. I have my BSN and found a career change to teaching a welcome one. I now have every weekend, holiday and summers off. No more do I have to face being put on the night shift before a long awaited function. The "I'm sorries and there was no one else"are now a thing of the past. I am currently making more money than I would have ever as a nurse and have a wonderful retirement plan. I get financially rewarded for increases in education. As a high school Science teacher I am still preforming a public service, but at no cost to my personal life. This is why I would not reccommend nursing as a career to a young person. While I would not reccommend it as a career, I would not talk them out of it. What you do with your life is a personal choice and I can only share my realistic view of what the job was like for me.