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    this link might help you. Best of luck!

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm a military brat so I have lived in a lot of places throughout my life. Starting with Kodiak Alaska, Monterey Cali, Juneau Ak, Topeka Kansas, Charlotte N.C, than Reno Nevada. Now I live in NRH, TX and work at my local HCA hospital night shift as a Patient care tech. I have worked at this hospital for about a year and a half. I moved to Texas from Nevada about 2 years ago. I started as a CNA 8 years ago and started working in hospice in Topeka Kansas. I currently work in the PCU. I start nursing school at TCC this Fall! I am so excited. I have a 4(soon to be 5)year old daughter that will start kindergarten the same day I start nursing school. I tell all my co-workers about how helpful this website is! I'm lovin it. Thank you all!

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    Midland Hospice House in Topeka Kansas will probably let you shadow a nurse for a day. Message me if you need their info.

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    BTW that is Topeka wage. In KC it will most likely be a couple bucks more.

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    As DawnfromKC said most agencies want at least one year work experience before they will hire you to do agency work. When I worked in Topeka Kansas 8 years ago I started fresh out of school making $10/hour. Check out your local hospitals and you can probably start off around $10-11/hr. After a year check out the agencies. They will probably pay you around $12-15/hr. Good luck!

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    Quote from finally2010
    I am starting the TCC program this fall 2008 after retaking all my science courses, last several semesters. After 27 years of nursing via LVN, I am finally on my way to the RN program, I cannot wait!!!!!

    Looking for other TCC Fall '08 nursing students.....:typing

    good luck to all this year!
    Hi, I will be starting in the Fall 2008 Nursing program at TCC as well! I'm sure I will run into you sometime! Good luck with all your studies.