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    I am supposed to write a community teaching plan on mental health and honestly I AM NOT SURE WHERE TO START. Can somebody please help me??????????

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    I was working in a nursing home and one of the nursing asked me to help "unclog" one of his female patients. We assessed her abdomen, which was very tight and large. She was very uncomfortable. We did a fleets with 0 results. Must be really high up (could palpate nothing). So we did a Triple H. And all we got back was some brown water. Still her belly was large and tight. So I preceded to do a manual check. I felt nothing. As I began to remove my gloved finger...some air escaped. I had an idea. So I reinserted my finger but instead of feeling around I simply pulled down slightly. The gas began to come out like a balloon with the valve opened. On and on and on it went. Now God didn't give me a great nose but even I was being affected by the odor. The other nurse had left for self-preservation. This went on for nearly a minute (seemed like a lot longer). Finally it was the end. The patient looked at me with 'sorry' on her face and I just smiled back. Her belly was now flat and very easily palpated. I made her comfortable, sprayed some Ozium and left. The air outside the room was truly "a breath of fresh air".

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    Help! I am back in school after years in "the field" as an LPN to become an RN. Care Plans I think I can manage but this new concept mapping is beyond me. I feel clueless, frustrated and on the verge of a temper tantrum. Please help me....thank you so much..