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  • Jun 16 '08

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    She came to me later and told me she didn't appreciate my sarcastic remark and that's was why she was picking up OT on other floors.
    CNA's like to do things their way. So, when new nurses comes along, often they may try to intimidate them so that they will fear confrontation should the need ever arise. Once, i was orientating a new nurse to take my place on a night shift psych ward. The last night of her training (my last night on the unit), one of my CNA's actually pushed a chair from the nurse's station to the pt lounge and was watching TV. She was attempting to imply to the new nurse that this is how we behave on this unit. Of course i went to her and asked what she was doing and she blew up! Needless to say the new nurse knew better than that from then on. Since then, i have seen similar situations over and over. Some CNA's like to "feel out" new nurses to see how much they can get away with not doing. This may not be the case here but just remember, we arent charge nurses to be friends with the people that work under us. Any negligence perpetrated by any member of the team is the negligence of the charge nurse as well. From what i have read, this is a type of intimidation. Dont let it bother you...