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    Please send me a copy too??? THank you!

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    Listen to your "gut"....the "gut" is never wrong.:spin:

    I recently went to an all day quality improvement seminar. Much focus was put on 'Hire for attitude'. If the potential employee is qualified, then anyone can be taught skills. The undertone of this seminar was - happy staff make for happy residents and vice versa.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am an RN, working the LTC field, laid off six weeks ago. Yes LAID OFF. I had been working for a privately owned 72 bed ltc rehab facility for 14 years. The medicaid budget cuts that went into effect July 1st forced our administration to cut labor. (5 other RN's laid off and 6 cna'a, transport aide, reception and activities hours, all cut too) I never in a million years thought, that as an RN, I would be without a job!
    If Obama can fix the healthcare system, then he will have my support

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    I am also interested in your sheet. Could you email it to me also? Thank you so much

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    I would like to know the answer too........

    How we handle it is, if their primary care Doc signed the d/c interagency at the hosp, then they have 14 days to come in for the initial visit. If not, then they have 48 hours. We determine if the who signed the IA upon admission and notify their PCP of when their resident is due to be seen.

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    Can a pattern of the falls be determined? Such as the times of each fall, where the falls happen etc.
    My facility recently dealt with a similiar situation involving a frequent faller that is also a hospice patient - with 75% of the falls occuring between 4pm - 6pm (determined through tracking). We tried everything imaginable. As our last resort, Social Services arranged for family members to be present at the high risk time until hospice can find a volunteer. The family is very supportive. so far, so good.

    I have also heard of other facilities using Adirondeck chairs. My facility considers this type of chair to be a restraint, so I'm not sure how other facilities get away with it?

    Hope this helps