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    Quote from dave23
    but i think you also need TWE and TSE
    I've found no mention of TWE or TSE in current CGFNS CP documentation. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place. My main point on the TOEIC is, since the 'TOEIC Written and Spoken' is new, I don't think it existed when the current CGFNS requirements were written and/or borrowed from goverment technical worker immigration visa requirements. So the question still stands...will CGFNS still accept 'just' the 'Reading and Listening' TOEIC or will they be requiring the new 'Speaking and Writing' TOEIC, as well. The registration process is entirely different for the two. Maybe I'm just paranoid to think if I post this question to CGFNS they will say 'Oh, there is a 'Writing and Speaking' TOEIC now? We'll have to make it mandatory then'. Maybe I'm way off base here or missing something obvious, so I would love to hear from someone with recent experience with this.

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    I renewed my Chinese license after it had lapsed for several years. Instruction Item 7 of the current Michigan application reads:
    "An applicant who is a graduate of a nurse education program that is located outside of the United States,
    has passed the NCLEX-RN examination, and has maintained an active registered nurse license with no
    disciplinary sanctions for at least 5 years immediately preceding the application for a Michigan license is
    not required to obtain CGFNS credentials evaluation or certification."

    I presumed from this (not being an RN for 5 preceding years) that I must do the CES as required in Item 8, but since I had already paid for the CP a several years ago, that is still OK also. So I still need to meet the English language requirement, right? If I'm wrong, I just need to go sit for the NCLEX? That would be fine, because I could just work in Michigan for 5 years first. Thanks.

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    I'm a US Citizen and Chinese licensed RN. I've passed my CGFNS nursing test and need to complete the TOEFL or TOEIC before my Chinese license expires in December. I took the TOEFL PBT many years ago and passed easily with a 560, but it is expired. The TOEFL iBT I took recently was harder for me and I failed. Strangely enough, I got a PBT equivalent score of greater than 540, but CGFNS does not use ETS equivalence tables for some reason. Rather than risk trying the iBT again I thought about taking the PBT, but there are no tests before October in the Michigan/Indiana area where I plan to work. I did find a TOEIC 'Listening and Reading' test nearby and soon, which would be ideal. The CGFNS requirement of 725 looks fine and there is no mention on the CGFNS site of requiring the new 'Speaking and Writing'. Are there any good reasons why I should not only take the TOEIC 'Listening and Reading' so I can get this done with? Thanks.