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    Has anyone worked at Bothwell Hospital in Sedalia, Missouri? Can You tell me what the nursing adminstration and staff are like particularly in the CCU? I would really appreciate this information.

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    I have read all the messages. My, there are a lot of nurses out there who are eating their young. In my 29 years of RN experience in 6 different states, I have seen quite a few staff members-RN,LPN,CNA, etc sleeping on the job. The only ones who were terminated were the ones who did not have any friends in administration. Nursing is unfortunately similar to all other jobs--its not what you do that counts, its who you know. And so I say to you-former nursing student-#1 You're crazy to want to be a nurse to begin with-what happened to you in nursing school is just the beginning of what its like to be a nurse in this country and #2 Sue that nursing school . Don't let anyone discourage you from doing so.

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    I Love Eicu. I Worked In 2 Hospitals-one On Kansas City And One In Hays,ks, That Used Eicu And It Was A Lifesaver At Times. The Primary Intensivist Is A Genius And A Generally Good Doc Who Dkes What He Can To Help You Out When You Need Help Fast. The Eicu Rn's Do Not Harass You. I Felt That My Patients Had An Extra Set Of Eyes Watching Them Via Computerized Information Transmitted To Eicu Headquarters And That Because Of That, They Received Better Care. That Particular Eicu Announced Its Presence (turning The Camera To The Patient And Turning It On) With A Doorbell Sound. They Only Did That When You Were In The Room And Either Acquired Their Presence By Pressing An Eicu Button In The Room Or The Patient Was Going Down The Tubes And They Would Begin Issuing Orders Via The Camera And Send The Orders Via Fax Machine. This Particular Eicu Was Based In Lees Summit,mo And I Recommend Their Presence In Your Eicu To Any Hospital In Their Service Area.