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    Gossip will find its way anywhere you go. If it comes your way, I believe you have a choice...u either react to it or brush it off.

    I will be attending nursing school this coming Fall but I have been with my current job for almost 19 yrs (phlebotomist). I also enjoy what I do and I'm much more aware when "gossip" comes around the corner. After awhile you do learn to deal with it or react to it(accordingly).

    I refuse to be a part of it. I believe it fosters a negative environment for everybody, including patients. I remember there were days when I used to dread going to work. That alone is enough to zap the energy out of you but I guess I started to fight back.

    I finally had to look at my job from a different perspective (paradigm shift). I started to concentrate more on donors, patients & volunteers. Somewhere along the way, I was so consumed by the "negative" that I forgot how much I really enjoy "doing" my job. I was distracted and I started to find strength from patients, etc. It's amazing how that has changed my perception.

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    This is VERY disturbing!! His own stupidity back fired on him though....what a sick-oh!! :angryfire:angryfire

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    Thanks for the info Amberzon!! Did your recruiter mention anything about ROTC while earning your BSN? If you did it that way, you'll earn your BSN and you will be commissioned as an officer too. In some cases, ROTC cadets go thru Advanced Camp instead of Basic Camp. That was the route I took in college. I was discharged in 1997 and now, I am considering going in part-time because I like the civilian/military lifestyle. You're right, there are a number of bonuses too(ie:tuition reinbursement, commissary access, etc.).

    I've been gathering info from the website/recruiter and I have an appt next week. I've been informed that financial benefits are better in the ARNG because they receive both federal & state funds. My heart's desire is to use my nursing skills to serve our military families(Lord willing). I feel our men & women in uniform(as well as their families) are not getting the medical attention that they rightfully deserve.

    Let me know what route you decide to take. I have my list of questions for my recruiter....keep us posted!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I think it's wonderful that you've acknowledged your husband...what a blessing! I certainly would not have made it this far without my husband's support either. I can not imagine embarking on this journey alone. I am inspired by those who have walked this path as single parents and they HAVE succeeded. I enjoy reading the success stories in this's amazing what people have overcome.

    Keylati, congratulations to you too. That's a lot on your plate. You have worked hard to get into the program. Priorities have shifted & it's o.k. Take care of baby & yourself first. Take it one day at a time for "there is a time & season for everything". I think its great that members of this site is willing to reach out to you.

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    We had our first orientation on Tuesday and boy....overwhelming but exciting! I am so glad to know about this site. I've actually recommended it to a few other nursing students. I would like to know if anyone else was at this orientation. What were you thoughts and emotions? PS...It's actually SUNNY in the northwest..HOORAY!!

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    Do we have any nurses in the Army National Guard? I've learned that they provide great educational benefits. I've always wanted to join the military but on a part-time basis. I will be in the nursing program in Fall '08 and this would be a great opportunity to get experience & financial aid.

    I have an upcoming meeting with a recruiter and I wanted to get some insight. Care to share??

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    It is a blessing to have a very supportive network of family/friends. It took us some time to find a routine. My husband works nights and I work days. I know from my experience(while working on pre-req's) our household operated on a set routine. I've learned over the years that routine can go a LONG ways. Assigning chores to the kids worked well too. I make it a point to let them know that I can't do it alone. My oldest daughter helped a lot(dinner, laundry, some cleaning, etc.). When I come home to a semi-clean house, I do see their effort and I let them know how much I appreciate it. I got some good advice from the above will be hard, but it can be done..they made it, so can we!! Keep your head up!!

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    Thanks everyone! I really do appreciate all the encouragement. It truly is amazing how all of you have juggled family, work, etc. That speaks volume and I know from all of your testimonies that it can be done. I draw strength from what you've shared.....mahalo (thank you).

    We had our first orientation today and there were quite a number of working moms. We all connected immediately. It was overwhelming yet exciting. I praise God for this new chapter in my life. The real journey starts here...........

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    Aloha! This is probably my 3rd post since I joined this site and let me tell you, I find myself drawn to this site. So much positive energy in here..and that we all need. Well, I will be entering 1st yr of nursing school in Fall '08(GLORY TO GOD!!) and I'm just curious how the moms handle work, school, family, etc.

    I currently work as a phblebotomist(fulltime) and for the past 3 yrs., I've been juggling work, nursing pre-req's & family. It's been exhausting but I've learned to take things "one day at a time". I have a very supportive husband. God has been good(ALL THE TIME) and I'm FINALLY in the program. One of my greatest concerns is the amount of time I get to spend with my children (ages 15, 10, 8 & 5). How do you moms do it? I still plan to work when school starts, perhaps 2 days/ much to think about!!

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    Congratulations!! You're right, all that hard work HAS paid off. WAY TO HANG GIRL!! I refused to give up last year. Recently, I received my letter of acceptance in the mail. Praise God!! I try to teach my 4 children to "never give up" and let me tell you..when they throw that right back at your resonates LOUD & CLEAR!!

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    Hi! I just joined a few minutes ago and what a wonderful site!! I have learned so much already!!

    A few weeks ago, I received my letter of acceptance into the nursing program for Fall '08. I have been working fulltime & raising 4 kids. It is SO SO competitive to get in!! It's been a blessing!! This is where God has planted me & I read that letter outloud to my kids (5, 8, 10 & 15).

    I am so excited for you. You're almost at the finish line....keep the faith!!