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    Ok, thanks

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    MSN, plan to go back for my DNP

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    I've been working in community colleges and private university online programs.

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    Hi everyone.
    I have applied for full time and have been turned down each time due to limited experience :-(.

    I've been working as adjunct 1.5 years, almost straight thru due to one school going year around. I have worked 2 schools at the same time since I began last fall.

    I'm a little frustrated that I am having such a struggle getting into a full time teaching position, but I'm loving the teaching.

    How many just stay adjhnct? Is it better in some cases? I am doing mostly vlinical, though I've done 1 session in - class.

    Just looking for assistance in direction.

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    I graduated with MSN-CNS in May 2012. I am looking to get certification, but can only find certifications through ANCC.

    I'm interested in Psychiatric CNS. I took the exam for Adult health and did not pass.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Ok, so I graduated with MSN in May from adult health CNS program. Always wanted to teach, so that is the area I pursued (and I am loving it). I have been doing clinicals since August and now have the opportunity to do an in-class teaching (professional development).

    I need to know how to develop a teaching plan and testing plan. I have a copy of the syllabus from the school, so I am sure this will be helpful.

    I appreciate ANY and ALL help sent my way!!! Class started on 1/22/12 and need to get prepared! (I will go pick up text book tomorrow).

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Where can I find great resources for teaching students? I remember pictures my teachers gave us when i was in nursing schoolthat explained illnesses like COPD and such.

    Any resources would be helpful. I am teaching first year students.


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    Hello All!
    I recently graduated with my MSN (yay!!) and I have been offered 3 adjunct clinical positions. 2 are close to home and are with ADN programs, and one is with a BSN program but far from home.

    I am excited to get my foot in the door, and hope for a full time or online position. But I would like any assistance that could make this transistion smoother for me (and my I have put together a clinical sheet that will help me keep up with where everyone is (and laminated it so it can be used over and over), and have read some of the posts before now and recieved some helpful info. I will be teaching 1st year students clinical (which will mostly be nursing home and basic med-surg)

    Thank you in advance for any (and all) assistance and I look forward to sharing with those who come behind me!

    Glad to be in education!!!

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    Thanks Ellie. I guess that is it. I know change is good, and I need this change for many reasons. Whew...but good to know I'm not the only one

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    Well, I am an oncology nurse who has worked on the Med-surg-Onc floor for 3 years now and I am moving to the home health division. I am scared to death (but change makes most of us nervous). I keep looking around and thinking, "here I have the support", "here I have people to talk to about trip, vacations, sick family members" and I wonder if I am making the right decision.

    I have even had some of the best days that I have had in a long time. But then, this weekend I had the usual "run over yourself and don't go pee" days.

    I know this is the right decision (for many reasons), I guess I was just wondering if anyone else went thru this?

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    Hi All!!
    I made the switch! I am leaving an Oncology floor (where I have worked the last 3 years) and am taking the leap to home health. I am currently working on my MSN so I think the flexibility in time will be helpful (all classes online until I do clinicals in a year and a half).

    Any suggestions, recommendations, needed stuff??? I will be with a hospital based unit, so they will provide me with alot. I will go through classes and the sort, so more stuff there...any information will be helpful.


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    Wow...this has been helpful!!
    I am considering moving from a Med-Surg floor (with almost 4 years experience) to HH. My fear is I am also working on my Masters with the intent to teach, and afraid of another change. But if I don't get off my floor soon I will scream!!!

    I have been called for an interview, so I guess one foot in front of the other...

    Any suggestions??

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    I recently enrolled in a CNL program at a local university. My intentions are to finish this degree with the educational option so that I can teach.

    I have heard conflicting opinions about the CNL vs. NP/CNS options. I didn't want to be limited to one option for specialty (esp. since I have only worked oncology) so the CNL option was more of a general practitioner option that I felt would give me the option to continue with my clinical needs as well as open the door with the MSN for my teaching needs.

    Any ideas? I am just looking for other opinions that maybe I haven't heard or thought of. :wink2:

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    Wow, that is good to know about the claiming on income taxes. I wouldn't have remembered that! Thanks!!

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    No I'm not married, nor do I have any children (to my grandmothers dismay)
    I live at home with my mom and 94 year old grandmother (moved home when I went back for ADN)
    I am currently working a 0.8 FTE, looking to buy my own home, I'll be taking chemo classes in October for my job, and finishing my BSN.
    I know when I out it like this many will say "What is this child's problem??" Hormonal week I guess
    I guess my hormones got the best of me and I just needed a shoulder (or many shoulders :wink2 to cry on
    But like everyone has said, one class at a time will still get me to the same degree. I guess I just don't want to spend another 3 years trying to get a degree I can get in 18mos - 2 years. :crash_com
    And this whole critical thinking thing is killing me. I really struggle with that which is another reason I came back to school.